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The chronological view of peripheral incentives
It could therefore be argued that through affectivity, could music truly stimulate and influence performance particularly with students in an educational setting?
Specifically and for the resolution of this research project, could background music in particular, awaken students to learn and enhance an optimal learning environment, or would it dampen their learning capabilities. According to Savan (1996) ’emotion and physical variations are indistinguishably connected consequently exerting in physical changes.’
Although numerous studies have investigated the learning benefits of background music, it could further be argued that particular cautions are still needed in the clarification of their conclusions. Countless studies have manufactured various results, several finding that background music had no advantage on retention of memory or on the ability of taking exams. Others have however argued that the use of composed background music creates modest to substantial increases in any of the perceptive functions. However the clarification that background music has an unswerving cognitive effect could become problematic. According to Leung and Feung (2005): ‘temperature, ventilation, noise, decoration and space management should all be considered as arousal stimuli, and many of these factors are being explored’.
It could be argued therefore that the power of music may be ancillary or subjective to other variations within the classroom to obtain optimum results, particularly within the student’s anxiety levels. Although the advantage of background music in an educational setting may be subsidiary or have no direct cognitive effects, it could still be argued that it has considerable and weighty educational advantages. Therefore for the purpose of this project, I will examine four studies in depth, Hall, (1952), Scott (1970), Swann (1998) and Giles (1991) thus, examine the effects and stimulus with background music played on the arithmetic and memory tasks of a diverse range of students.

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It has been argued that listening to differing genres of music for educational purposes had been deemed collective practice amongst school children and students alike to combat the effects of tension and pressure for several years. During the planning stages of this initial project, some studies confirmed this very practice which enhanced a student’s perceptive performance, whereas further studies argued that listening to varying genres of music whilst involved in intricate tasks within a classroom setting have had adverse effects, thus ultimately weakening the student’s achievement.
This study on the impact of background music would therefore concentrate on the influence of several genres of music studies, performed at diverse volume levels, thus evaluate whether the mounting body of research performed in an educational environment would enhance and maximise the learning experience.

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Knick (1987) quoted background music as’ a level of about 35 decibels can maximise alertness, allow relaxation, ..

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Adorno's writing intentionally thwarts effortless reception by passive readers—which not coincidentally parallels his understanding of the resistant quality of socially "true" music.195 In particular, it resists the "logic" of systematized argument, defined by the expectation that point A leads directly and inevitably to point B. In the words of Ben Agger: "Critique must wrestle with the mystifications of ordinary and disciplinary language in order to wrest language from its straitjacket in the straightforward."196 Nowhere is this more evident than in Adorno's use of paratactical devices as a principal means by which to organize argument at the level of paragraphs, some of which may consist of only a few sentences, though lengthy paragraphs, often several pages long, are more characteristic.197 Of whatever length, both Adorno's individual sentences and paragraphs are commonly organized by parataxis, that is, an internal arrangement that avoids the use of either coordinating or subordinating elements. The result, as Susan H. Gillespie aptly explains, "is a grammatical trope that, like the 'broken-off parables' [in Kafka], creates a kind of disjunction and nonspecificity that undermine logical clarity and causality, leaving room for a certain vagueness, and for interpretation."198

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