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Get help with writing 500 word essay, learn about 500 word college essays and 300 word essays get 500 and 300 word essay examples provides numerous examples of educators who were affected by censorship and chose to take a stand against it (345)The first acts of state sponsored censorship occurred in 399 uction to her book places i never meant to be: original stories by censored writer, judy blume, an advocate in the anticensorship movement, shares her experiences dealing with censorship and the banning of books throughout her career as a writer of children’s argue that censorship is necessary given all the questionable content in the world while others believe that censorship is a violation of free speech and r it be race, religion, ideology, financial class, gender, age, and just about any other demographic or otherwise exclusive label, if the barrier of unnecessary censorship is broken there is no limit to what art can essays offers essay examples to help students with their essay one opponent of music censorship stated, they dont want their children to listen to explicit lyrics, role censorship plays in governing people is truly something one must grasp to understand contemporary international and domestic research offers prewritten essays, term papers, book reports, and research papers on a great variety of topics thatwill diversify your writing and help improve your grade

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Overtime, some recording companies have argued that music censoring compromises the freedom of speech. However, they disregard the fact not all the listeners appreciate some forms music. Thus, these recording companies should advise artists to avoid the use of controversial contents in their music. In this regard, censorship incidents would significantly decline and the society would begin to appreciate all music.

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In my opinion I say I would agree. I have two children, one who is a teenager and one who has just started kindergarten. Although my teen has been listening to some bizarre music, I do not allow that music to play loud for my 5 year old to hear. I don't think that all music should be censored since not all music is bad, or dehuminazing, but some songs that play now a days speaking of sex, demoralization, violence, drugs and even suicide should be censored. If a parent can communicate with their child, they can clearly state that all songs do not need to be taken literally, and explain why. For instance, a song that that promotes crime, rape, drugs, sex, and dehumanization may have a great beat to it, and may even want to make you get up and dance, but it is up to the parent to speak with your child and teach them that they should not follow the ideas and actions the song has suggested. On the same token, there are many songs that should inspire people, such as Beyonce's "I Was Here", or the song by Katy Perry's "Fireworks". These two artists convey songs about how one should be proud of who they are and have become, and also mentions how life is not always a bad thing, and how you can make it the best. In conclusion, I agree with the Doctrine of Ethos to a certain extent, it all depends on the maturity of the individual listening and up to the parents to be involved in our kids music and surroundings, and also communication is key with your child and you as a parent.
I understand that the artist is an artist for that particular reason, and that is to be able to express themselves, which I agree with. The only thing that I wish an artist would have is more consideration towards our youth minds, and our children. Some of them do not have children yet, but when they do, they will understand where parents like myself are coming from. When they speak of drugs in a way that is positive, that is terrible, children are dying because of this. So in my opinion, I would agree that some censorship would be nice, but not everything should be censored either. The artist should be able to express themselves freely, with the exception of putting a song about violence and foul language on the same album as one that speaks of love and happiness. They should make 2 different albums, one censored for the youth still developing, and one uncensored for the mature listeners.

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The First Amendment to our Constitution allows us freedom of speech and press provided we do not violate any other laws in the process. As we shall see, there are no laws providing for music censorship.

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History has shown that censors do not change the course of music, music itself does. Great artists and their ideas influence other artists. Bob Dylan pioneered the protest song. Miles Davis, Led Zeppelin, and Run D.M.C. did the same for bebop, heavy metal, and rap, respectively. These forms of music were successful because they prevailed upon other artists and because consumers found them interesting.

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