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Aqa As Level Music Essay Questions ..

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If you are studying for GCSE or A-Level music and are looking for help to get to grips with this topic so you can pass exams, write essays and compose pieces etc, I can help with one-off and longterm music lessons. I can even help if you are studying an undergraduate degree in music.

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GCSE and A-Level music both provide a great opportunity to explore the world of music, including the use of music notation and composition, the history of music in the West, the different types of music and instruments played around the world and the opportunity to perform on your chosen instrument. As you can see this is a vast topic with many different strands, which makes the study of music both fascinating and complex.

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Aug 24, 2017 · oh yeah we had that saxaphone question..think i put cello. stupid aqa. anyone who says music is an easy a level should be made to take it!!!

What is it? Who composed it? When? Stylistic features? Useful for all `context` teaching and learning at GCSE, A level and KS3. ALSO when you need to quickly locate an example of a concerto grosso . . a canon . . a piece in binary form . . an example of minimalism . . a madrigal . . Sprechstimme . . a development section . . etc. Over 100 extracts of music, carefully chosen to cover a wide range of genres and stylistic and compositional features from 1550 to 2000. Full contents listings and a comprehensive index. ALSO . . teaching / revision bullet points and questions (with answers) for each track.

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Our A-level Music specification enables students to extend their knowledge and understanding of music, to create and develop their own musical ideas and to demonstrate technical, interpretative and communication skills through performing music.
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Here are links to the specifications for GCSE & A-Level music: Edexcel GCSE Music; AQA …

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A-level Music builds on the knowledge and skills gained from GCSE Music as well as musical experience gained outside the classroom. It recognises the interdependence of different aspects of musical activity. This specification provides a sound preparation for the study of music in higher education, as well as providing opportunities to develop strengths and interests leading to music-related and other careers. It encourages students to develop a wide range of transferable skills such as critical thinking, research, communication and team-work.