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Nowadays, all over the world various types of music are found. Obviously, we need music for different reasons. In my opinion, the traditional music of a nation is more significant than the modern music that are played everywhere in the world.
On one hand, we need music for three reasons. Firstly, music is essential for entertainment because it is a part of social enjoyment for everyone. For instance, people like to dance in some modern or traditional music during party and social events. Secondly, music is a way of sharing ideas and knowledge. Finally, music is also helpful in expressing emotions such as happiness and sadness. Furthermore, people prefer to listen fast, slow and sentimental music depending on their situation and mood. Because of these reasons music is valuable for every individual.
On the other hand, the traditional music is more important because it represents a nation. A country’s culture, history and customs are introduced to others through the music. For example, in Nepal various folks and traditional music are played during social and cultural events like wedding ceremony and tradition festivals. The musical instruments such as traditional drums and customs are different from modern ones. These traditional musical events have become identity of the country among the international tourist. Moreover, when an individual is away from his country, he feels proud whenever he listens to his own traditional music. Therefore, the traditional music is very important.
In conclusion, music is an essential part of human life and the traditional music being a symbol of a country‘s pride is valuable for a nation. Perhaps in the future, everyone will know the importance of the traditional music and will be more conscious in preserving it.

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sorry, i omitted music in the last line of my third paragraph- how important tradition music is.

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Every individual must determine his/her personal criteria for happiness. Nobody can (nor should) dictate what brings pleasure and joy to the human spirit. Whether dealing with short term goals or long term goals, we often become so goal-driven we ignore or simply don’t recognize the importance of enjoying the journey as we attain our given goals; the very reason for WHY WE EXIST. Band offers a new paradigm-of-learning. The music IS the reason, it IS the reward, it IS the substance, it IS the payoff. The means and the extremes are one-in-the-same. We do not play music to get to the end of it; we play it to make music. In fact if we are truly “connected to the process" we do not want the music to end, or the rehearsal to stop, or the concert to be finished. We acquire and develop a desire for expressing our inner thoughts and feelings through the music; we become artists and enjoy the highest form of personal satisfaction, CREATIVE EXPRESSION, the fundamental component of self-satisfaction.

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Music is the common share of spiritual nutrition for all human beings. In this sense, the importance of traditional music outweighs that of international music.

To conclude, music brings a number of benefits to our life and we should focus more on our traditional music which is important to a country.
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Besides, music develops other very important personal features. It changes the attitude of life and general education. It also influences the character. It bears the humanization of education, the implementation of which creates the conditions for better qualities and abilities of the child, the sources of its life. The humanized relationships between teachers and students, setting education at the center of the educational process, respect for the individual, understanding its requests, interests and dignity, trust in it. The music education humanize person in general. It makes him/her sincere, humane, benevolent, and merciful. They also help the child carefully realizing and practicing of the rules of good behavior. The music classes encourage students to be patient. Moreover, they unlearn capricious and form the aesthetic taste.

Statement: Music is an essential part of our lives and is important to the development and health of your body.

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In addition to that, the musical material plays a huge role. For the study of music in all phases of education, including the earliest ones should be different genuine expressiveness. By the process of selecting the products, it is very important to be aware that the perception of music in all the richness of its expressive colors, a phenomenon rather exceptional. Therefore, not taking the path of conscious simplicity repertoire, should be selected such works that are being available for at least a partial understanding, would contain conditions to improve abilities more deeply into the music. All the restrictions on the genres and types of music should be removed. The pop, jazz, folk, classical and contemporary music of the various ethnic groups represented in American society can take place in the school curriculum. The only criterion is that they must meet unconditionally the true expression. In the center of the process of musical education, there should stand musical experience. This is the alpha and omega of music education. All activities, such as singing, playing instruments, improvising, listening to music, as well as accompanying should always be focused on the development of aesthetic perception and sensitivity, aesthetic sensitivity to the sound. The methods used by a music teacher should not detract from the aesthetic qualities of students of music, focusing it on music and not music points.

In conclusion, music is a necessary part of our experience and I believe that international music is as important as traditional music is.

Really importance of music in very much

“The music is all around us, all you have to do is listen.” August Rush a 2007 drama film directed by Kirsten Sheridan and written by Paul Castro, Nick Castle, and James V. Hart, and produced by Richard Barton Lewis. Music has been part of our lives since memorable times. Undoubtedly, it has touched us at least once. Most people would agree that music is what helps someone to feel better or just to change one’s mood. In fact, different researches have already found a variety of benefits that it can bring. Advantages in the sensory area as well as in the emotional and cognitive ones are the most interesting topics that this current paper will analyze. Thus, one could understand and give much importance to Music in daily life. The sensory area involves everything related to senses and touch is one of them. According to Forgeard, 2008; Hyde, 2009; Schlaug et al., 2005; “Music enhances fine motor skills. Motor function is the ability to use small, acute muscle movements to write, use a computer, and perform other physical activities essential for classroom learning. The parts of the brain associated with sensory and motor function are developed through music instruction”. This helps to understand how important is music in the motor skills developing especially in children. One might clearly notice how difficult playing an instrument is; however, with practice it becomes easier. Hence, motor skills are developed. Children would become better in small movements like writing if playing an instrument is in their lives. Let us tackle on another benefit, emotions are part of any body and music may help us to change them depending on the situation. For example, when people want to feel relaxed, one thing they do is just play some music. Some people consider music as a relaxing tool in any area like work, school, home, etc. For...