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...Censorship is a practice that restricts and music censorship is a very delicate matter. Music censorship is no new thing, it’s been going on regularly at least since the 1850s (Volz, 1991). Since music began, there is always someone trying to silence or censor something! Plato said “rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul”. Music is art and art in all its forms has always been prone to censorship, usually because of the desire of artists to extend the boundaries of taste and challenge authority (2005) crystal ref encyclopedia Even though music censorship is no new thing and it has been around since the beginning of music, it is not right. I totally reject music censorship! The problem is always with the words. Words are lyrics and with those words artists creatively express their emotions, experiences, thoughts and feelings .Consequently creating an aesthetic quality, transforming words into lyrics. There is nothing more powerful than the written word. Talk is cheap but “words”- words are magic , words are deep. Words are the foundation of history, of feelings, of intrigue. Words teach, words punish. Words give you a release. Words are wonder. Words are weapons. Words can soothe and words can kill ! Words are the symbols that represent truth. Words bring accomplishment. Words bring things into being. Words are the written of what a person is seeing. Words create, they sedate, they equate, they elaborate and they dictate. Words instigate...

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It came to a head during censorship in music essay the nineteen sixties with

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Censorship occurs in a variety of forms, from private action to government sanctioning through entities like the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). A concert may be cancelled because the band’s name invokes anti-religious ideas, or a radio station may be fined by the government because it played a song with allegedly indecent lyrics. Private actions taken to restrict music, while allowable, may have the undesirable effect of completely removing access to certain music. For example, if a Wal-Mart is the only place to buy CD’s in a small town, the private act of not carrying an "obscene" band in the store effectively prevents fans from acquiring the CD. All of these actions serve to restrict the expression of musical artists who may have valuable and genuine things to say through their art form.

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The facts prove that Google is rigging search results to blacklist and censor the WSWS and other left-wing publications. This raises a very serious question, with far-reaching constitutional implications. Is Google coordinating its censorship program with the American government, or sections of its military and intelligence apparatus?

Censorship in music is a topic that has brought about much controversy in the past two decades. There have been many different arguments on the topic,
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It sounded to me like company spin — a curiously deflated notion of free speech. But spend some time among China's nascent class of Internet users, as I have these past months, and you begin to hear such talk somewhat differently. Youth + freedom + equality + don't be evil is an equation with few constants and many possible solutions. What is freedom, just now, to the Chinese? Are there gradations of censorship, better and worse ways to limit information? In America, that seems like an intolerable question — the end of the conversation. But in China, as Google has discovered, it is just the beginning.

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...Censorship essay The essay “Freedom is Intended as a Challenge” by Naomi Wolf, is a piece that takes a deeper look into the current perception of the Declaration of Independence. Wolf believes us present day Americans do not have an accurate sense of what really happened during the late 1700’s, and as a nation we should appreciate what our founding fathers went through. Wolf explains how most Americans disregard the Declaration as just a piece of paper, where as it actually holds a greater amount of significance than we give credit to. The essay draws on the collective differences of America’s years as a colony-versus now-and how the ideals have morphed. In the late 18th century while The United States was still under British rule, the thought on everyone’s mind was freedom. It was a common goal all Americans had, regardless of race and social background. We wanted the Brits out of our country! As Americans, we had long paid our dues, and we wanted to be liberated. We felt constrained as a nation, and we were willing to shed blood to be free. Wolf talks about how nowadays we simply do not feel that strong towards being free, and as a result we can not relate to what it was like when the British were ruling. Though the it has been many generations since we gained our independence, as a nation we are facing a modern day form of oppression. Censorship. As a country, the first amendment says we have a right to freedom of speech. Though this fundamentally...

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...Music censorship began its journey in the early 1950’s with the “controversial” music of Blacks during the time period. It has then evolved from a form of racism to a method of suppression. It touches all major genres, but is most commonly issues with both rap and rock music. Major groups such as the Record Industry Association of America (RIAA) have been formed to try and monitor the lyrical messages that are expressed in songs. The RIAA is not out to completely censor music, but to advise buyers of the messages they may be listening to on a certain album. Then there is the party that feels censorship at any level shall not be present. It is suppressing one’s First Amendment rights in freedom of expression and also suppresses an artist abilities to fully paint a vivid picture with their lyrics to the audience. The last group believes that censorship is a must, and that any songs that carry the censored material shall be taken off of the shelves. That specific group believes that contaminating society with explicit lyrics should not reward artists. The side that believes censorship of music should not exist at all states that music is a form of art. Many tend to separate music from forms of art, such as paintings and poetry. However, the lyrics in the music are an art form as well, and they cannot restrict that due in part to the First Amendment. It is part of our Bill of Rights as American citizens, and no governing powers can take that away from us. Also, society favors...