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Censorship of maps is often employed for military purposes. For example, the technique was used in former , especially for the areas near the border to in order to make attempts of defection more difficult. Censorship of maps is also applied by , where certain areas are grayed out or blacked or areas are purposely left outdated with old imagery.

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Instead of censorship and regulation by the government, we as users of the Internet should be able to practice self-regulation. Censorship of the Internet violates the First Amendment of the Constitution, and thus robs us of our right to freedom of speech. Since cyberspace is a fairly new concept, any restrictions placed on the Internet by the CDA will determine the degree of freedom we will enjoy on the Internet in future years. Enforcement of the CDA will potentially rob us of a valuable source…

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Censorship is an extreme solution for an issue like this. Censorship is the act of someone supervising the manners or morality of others (Coleman). Morality is all opinionated though, just like people’s views on videogames. Many adults would most likely care less if games were censored because they had no interest in them in the first place. On the other hand, there is an abundance of adults who enjoy games on a regular basis. It is in supporters of game censorship’s opinions that censoring mature…

2. Three reason why you think music censorship wouldn't change the way teens act.

Censorship in Music When listening to the radio, most people come across a song that has been changed from its original version, whether certain words are beeped out, or a string of lyrics are replaced altogether.

When one really thinks about it, it is a violation of the First Amendment. The First Amendment guarantees the right to freedom of speech, and censorship is violating peoples' rights to say whatever they want to say. It is sometimes difficult to understand when a child gets punished for using foul language meanwhile the child's parents have the right to criticize and petition the government whenever they feel the need to do so. Many musical artists feel that when they are forced to change lyrics their rights are being violated. In some artists' songs they like to express their feelings towards somebody or something, and it hurts them to be censored because the new words implemented are not from his or her heart. They feel that they are being held down.
The rationale for censorship is different for various types of information censored:

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Higher authority got involved soon after. The Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), after receiving numerous complaints on the ruling of the CBSC, requested that the CBSC consider the specific context of the lyric. (“Radio Censorship”) Black and White Explicit Content Label The black and white explicit content label, also called the parental advisory label, was first implemented in 1985 by the Record Industry Association of America (RIAA). The Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC) wanted a way to label explicit content so it could be easily recognized by both children and adults (Cole 2010).

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Music is a way to express yourself freely, and should be kept that way. Society in general has always had its “faults and glitches, some of which were remedied, others which will never be solved. ” Media, more specifically in the arts, have never been perfect and have always taken criticism throughout the history of time. In the last few decades or so though, censorship and music has gone hand in hand, one not being able to exist without the other. When a problem occurs in society where music is involved, the masses immediately look for a scapegoat in order to deter the blame from a rational explanation (Lombardi).

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... distributed as several consequence. If pornographic material can be forbidden efficiently, pornography information such as the Edison Chen photo scandal can be prevented. Iceland is therefore proposed to implement the online pornography censorship for the reason that it is unique for the society to take the responsibility of protecting children. Not only pornographic materials but also others that have negative influence to the development of children and are contrary to social norms should be blocked in Hong Kong. The purposeful interruption of information sharing is beneficial to the original authors. Netizens are given numerous ways to their recreations, for example uploading videos on YouTube using author’s music, pictures or videos. Gordon (1993) comments that authors pay their best efforts and time to create their works so the authorized used of their works are unrighteous to them. It is said that the entertainment market of Hong Kong has been waned. If their diligence paid is in vain, it would discourage the work of creation. Atkins and Mintcheva (2006) state that the economic interest is the imperative motivation of censorship. Internet Censorship can be implemented for the support of the legislation of copyright. The circumvention of materials shared that have not gotten any approval from right holders after the social filtering can ensure the authors’ interests in Hong Kong. Internet censorship would decline the freedom of expression. According to......