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The German baritone Matthias Goerne articulates Eisler’s anguish with crisp diction couched in a velveteen musicality. More even than Dietrich Fscher-Dieskau, who took up these songs half a century ago, Goerne goes to the heart of pain without a trace of pity and with sudden flashes of wit. He turns wilder and more dramatic in a set of Bertolt Brecht songs for voice and piano, accompanied by Thomas Larcher, who also performs Eisler’s earliest work, a 1923 piano sonata dedicated to Schoenberg. The sound is exemplary and the cover image arresting; this is a near-perfect record.

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Having recently heard a recording of Richter in the Bach keyboard concertos, I decided to give them a rest for a year – but the French temptation proved irresistible. Fast, frank and totally introspective, Tharaud is a runaway train with Les Violons du Roy in hot pursuit. When he slows, the world goes backwards. Irresistible? Pretty much.

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A male model who does gigs in Apples stores is what you may have read about the Anglo-Norwegian Charlie Siem. Ignore it. The boy can play. He takes the Bruch concerto at a scary lick and the the Wieniawski as a piece of cake. A cantabile doloroso by the Nordic virtuoso Ole Bull is the surprise bonus. The LSO accompany efficiently, under Andrew Gourlay.

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Luigi Boccherini, born in Lucca a century before Puccini, landed a job at the court of Spain where, off the beaten track, he wrote domestic music of exquisite delicacy. Cynics called him Mrs Haydn because he used the quartet form. But the infectious appeal of these pieces, exuberantly played by Fabio Biondi’s ensemble, display an ingenious near-genius at work.

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Music that comes in cheap boxes does not usually challenge the mind. These, though, are the best accounts ever recorded of the chamber works of the Second Vienna School, from the smeary late romanticism of Schoenberg in D minor to the geometric aridity of Webern’s 1937 quartet. The La Salle Quartet made these records for DG in 1968-70, with sound as warm as your fireside.

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There is no obvious Butterfly to recommend on record. Freni-Pavarotti is three decades old and Karajan conducts like a Baedeker tourist guide; Callas, Tebaldi, Scotto and de los Angeles all have shortcomings. This could go down as an historic record – not least because the executive that okayed it has gone and it is now certain that there will never be another studio opera. Or nearly never.
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Be that as it may, the incidental music to Hamlet is performed here as wordless drama with a panoramic range of emotional subtleties. If some of the themes sound familiar, it’s because they have been recycled from the third symphony.

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Wunder was the Austrian pianist and audience favourite who came second – was robbed, some say – at the 2010 Chopin competition in Warsaw. He benefits from a rich, warm, rounded Deutsche Grammophon sound (producer Sid McLauchlan) and a meticulous Polish teacher, Adam Harasciewicz. The third piano sonata could hardly be more idiomatically played.

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This record requires a health warning, in addition to the declared drugs advisory. It is a collection of French melodies, irresistibly seductive and sung not by the usual sotto mezzo but by a counter-tenor of such gender-bending capabilities that he rewires parts of the brain and requires the listener to checks his or her sexual triggers from track to track. This is an almost indecently beautiful recital, too disturbing for one sitting. If ever there was an album made for selective download, this is it.