How different are rap and country music?

Compare Contrast Country Music And Rap Music. Rap Music: A Misinterpreted Art Form By Enoch Noel Submitted to Ms. Jones Oct. 9, 2001 Oral Communication TTh4pm.

Davies said the juxtaposition of rap and country music is important.

Similarities and Differences of Country & W and Rap Music

Compare and contrast country music versus rap music

This study aims to show that sexism exists in all facets of society by exposing its existence in the widely unexpected area of country music. Within sociology, much work has been done on sexism in the popular musical genres of rock and rap, but little attention has been given to country music. The focus of this study is an area of society where sexism is often thought to be less salient. In order to do this I will use a perspective developed from sociological perspectives on culture, gender, and music, and look at popular country songs for sexist lyrics. Using a series of indicators for sexism in music lyrics, I analyzed popular country songs in the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The study finds that many sexist themes exist, including depicting women in traditional gender roles, describing relationships with women in unrealistic ways, and attributing a woman’s worth strictly on the basis of her physical appearance.

Country music and rap music are two totally different musical genres

Another similar brought out was that both narrators are often criminals, but in some way there attitudes towards law differ. The issue in this article that I see is that it says that Country and Western view of the law enforcement is better than general public, also there is the fact that country and western contain a great deal of violence, crime, etc. But easily accepted by white Americans while rap arouses alarm and calls for labeling. The question is why? The author gives three major reasons for this argument one simplest, is the language of the music, the second reason is race, and the third reason is that why rap is so widely attacked is that it is closer to the mainstream American economic ideology than C&W is. Most of the violence in C&W and rap does not lie in the songs between the differing attitudes toward law enforcement but it is the way it is heard.

There have been instances in pop culture where famous rap artists and country musicians have opposed the government.

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First off, we need to clearly define what's beneficial to our society and what isn't. My take on it is, mainly anything that enlightens us intellectually, protects us from harms, feeds our morals, is beneficial, and anything that does vise-versa is not. So something like education is generally speaking, "good," whereas something like violence is generally speaking, "bad". With that said, nothing is concrete and we often mesh our "goods" and "bads" together. Rap is just like that: a mixture of both "good" and "bad".

On the bad side, I acknowledge that most of mainstream rap tends to promote counter-productive things to our society that may dampen our growth (e.G drugs and sexism etc). But on the good side, it also promotes pretty much an equal amount of enlightening messages that may prove to foster our minds (e.G awareness of surrounding world and positivity etc). What people don't know is that Rap is a very broad genre and has much varied songs as they are different colors in the light spectrum. However, the more "positive" rap songs don't get as much attention (even if they're a tonnn of them). If you actually dive into the rap genre, you'd notice topics arraying from drugs, sex, and violence to philosophy, conceptual stories, and political views etc. And there are all sort of different perspectives for all of those topics.

A lot of rap requires a sharpened mind to analyze the intricate metaphors and wordplay that they contain. It's a genre of music that has the most substance as its narrative structure makes an in-depth approach for topics more inviting. Just listen to almost any song by Lupe Fiasco, and you would see exactly what I mean.

In conclusion, while certainly there are quite a bit of faults with the genre, the pros outweigh them by a numerous amount. You'd know, if you would actually dive into it properly.
Dec 15, 2005Compare and Contrast essay English 101 Mr. Nate House Many It just turned out that country music, a complete opposite of rap music.

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The concept isn’t totally new but with newer country-rap pairings like the unfortunate “Accidental Racist” collaboration between Brad Paisley and LL Cool J and old not-so-favorites like “Over and Over Again” by Tim McGraw and Nelly seem to remind us why the two are so easy to pair: they happen to share a lot of similarities in artist characteristics, topic nature and expression, and rabid popularity among a polarizing fan base.

Davis said rap and country music aren't polar-opposites. Both of the genres encourage stereotypes of people who don't exist in real life, he said.

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Just like those that become successful, both country stars and rap sensations feel the pressures of fame and success, and often use music to express the frustrations that come from that. Snoop, back when he was more of a canine and less of a feline, said it best: “Everybody’s got they cups but they ain’t chipped in.”

Without the development of gospel and later, rap and country music, everyone would

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What most are exposed to today is not quality hip hop music. Just as most rock, country, and soul is not what it can be and does not contribute to a better society. Hip hop is popular--that seems to be the difference. Do not blame rap for society's state, rather look at the society which bequeathed the genre so many love to aimlessly hate. Pro-social hip hop is uplifting, informative, and unifying; Sony, Interscope, Viacom, DefJam, etc. Do not promote/sell that type of rap music quite as frequently it seems.
Is it really rap music? Is it the industry? General fixation with garbage rap? Poor parenting? Before ignorantly jumping to conclusions about that which we are genuinely uninformed, but rather guided by misinformed notions and attitudes about which we may feel rap music is representative of, the individual's responsibility is realizing society and music as a whole--more objectively before spewing unsubstantiated claims. God bless, long live good music :)