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The Colombian singer breakthrough at the early 2000s led to her major international success in many non-Spanish-speaking countries, especially the United States in addition to the music scene of Latin America. In 2001, and aided by heavy rotation of the music video, "", she broke through into the English-speaking world with the release of , which sold over 13 million copies worldwide. Four years later, Shakira released two album projects called and . Both reinforced her success, particularly with one of the most successful song in the 21st century to date, "" which sold over 10 million copies and downloads worldwide and hit number 1 in many countries. From October–November 2009 Shakira released her latest album worldwide. Due to her massive international success during the 2000s she is considered the second most successful female Latin singer. Pop rock begins to take shape in Latin music with acts such as , , , and . Also, more established pop acts such as , , , and ex-OV7 member would use pop rock in their repertoires. Pop-rock music hits new highs in the 2000s with acts such as , , and topping the charts in several countries.

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It seems reasonable to suppose that music preferences are shaped by psychological dispositions, social interactions as well as exposure to popular media and cultural trends. Thus, preferences for a particular style of music may vary as a function of personality traits, social class, ethnicity, country of residence, and cohort, as well as the culture-specific associations with that style of music. However, the reliance on genre-based preference measures makes it difficult to examine music preferences among people from different generations and cultures because their knowledge and familiarity with the genres will vary significantly. The present findings suggest that audio recordings of music can be used effectively to study music preferences. This finding should help pave the way for future research by enabling researchers to develop music-preference measures that are not language based and can therefore be administered to individuals of different age groups, social classes, and cultures. Audio-based music preference measures that include musical excerpts from a wide array of genres, time periods, and cultures will help researchers further explore the structure of music-preferences and ascertain whether the MUSIC model is universal.

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The findings from Study 4 extend past research by informing our understanding of why particular musical styles covary. Indeed, we found that each factor has a unique pattern of attributes that differentiates it from the other factors. For instance, Sophisticated music is perceived as thoughtful, complicated, clear sounding, quiet, relaxing and inspiring, whereas Mellow music is perceived as thoughtful, clear sounding, quiet, relaxing, slow, and not complicated. The results from this study also suggest that preferences for the MUSIC factors are affected by both the social and auditory characteristics of the music. Specifically, musical attributes accounted for significant proportions of variance in preferences for the Mellow, Urban, Sophisticated, Intense, and Campestral music factors, over and above music genres. These results suggest that preferences are influenced by both the social connotations and by particular auditory features of music.

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attitude towards the theme of the song (Buckley 297). There are five basic perspectives that characterize country: expressive, utopia, escape and fantasy, forbearance, and polarization (Buckley 297-298). Country defends the values of its audience and artists care what the audience feels and how they react to the lyrics and want to continue to see the popularity rise (Buckley 298). Country music in particular has become a popular entertainment form in recent years (Buckley 293). Steadily expanding…

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This study involves an examination of sexist ideologies in country lyrics that portray women in a stereotypical and negative manner. The particular kind of music explored in the study is country music, a popular genre in American culture today. Theoretically, my analysis is based on perspectives from the sociology of culture, including the sociology of music, and the sociology of gender. In the sociology of culture and music, a great deal of research has been done about how pop and rock music portray femininity and what it means to be a woman. However, relatively little work has been done about how the lyrics of artists communicate certain aspects of gender. Country music is an area where sexism would be unexpected because it is viewed as wholesome by American society, especially when compared to other genres of music. Country music is often labeled conservative, which is what makes it seem innocent and wholesome. This analysis thus precedes to offer a strong test of sexism in society as it focuses on a kind of popular music that is generally least thought of to portray sexism.

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Country Music Country music is a unique and traditional type of music. It combines many different genres, and it blends them all into one great genre. Read this Music and Movies Essay and over 86,000 other research documents. Country Music. Gretchen Wilson tells you not to be afraid of who you are, she’s saying. Country Music essay writing service, custom Country Music papers, term papers, free Country Music samples, research papers, help.