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Thesis: In order to understand the impact of Country music on the very music we listen to today, we need to understand its history, the artists who made the genre what it is today, and the country artist who have found success today. e. Preview: So first, we will learn about and understand where Country began and how it evolved. Then I’ll tell you about the artists who made the genre popular. And finally wrap things up by speaking about the Country artists who are successful and popular today. Transition: So I’ll start with the roots of country music and how it evolved into the country songs we hear today.

Country Music News, Music News and videos

West Norfolk country music stars Merv and Maria have been presented with an industry award.

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was the 18th overall LP Charles had recorded. According to him, the title of the album was conceived by producer Sid Feller and ABC-Paramount's executives and management people. The recording sessions for the album took place at three sessions in mid-February 1962. The first two sessions were set on February 5 and 7 at Capitol Studios in , at which one half of the album was recorded and produced. The other half was recorded on February 15 of that same year at United Recording Studios in Hollywood, California. Instead of drawing what he should record from memory and his knowledge of country music, Charles asked Feller, his newly appointed (Artists and Repertoire) man, to research top country through major country .

Country Music News, Music News and videos

When Charles had announced that he wanted to work on an album of country music in 1961, during a period of and tension in the United States, he received generally negative commentary and feedback from his peers, including fellow R&B musicians and ABC-Paramount executives. The country album concept, however, meant more to Charles as a test of his record label's faith in him and respect for his artistic freedom than as a test of social tolerance among listeners amid racial distinctions of country and R&B. Fueled by his esteem for creative control, Charles pitched the idea of a country album to ABC representatives. Following the successful lobby of the concept and a contract renewal in early 1962, which was linked to the launching of his own , Charles prepared his band for the recording sessions that produced .

Country Music Hall of Famer Don Williams has died after a short illness, PEOPLE confirms. He was 78.
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Regarded by many critics as Charles's best studio album, has been considered by several music writers to be a landmark album in . The album's integration of soul and country music bent barriers in popular music, amid the height of the . In the process of recording the album, Charles became one of the first African-American musicians to exercise complete artistic control over his own recording career. The album has been called one of the greatest albums of all time by publications such as and .

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They continue to top Billboard Charts and sell out their own concerts. Transition: (cue visual aid) Now that we’ve seen Country artists both past and present who have been successful in making Country popular, we have a better understanding of the genre. III. Conclusion i. Thesis/Summary: It holds true that the same research done with Country music here, can be repeated with any genre, and we would still find a long history filled with artists who have been inspired, and inspire generations of artists, as well as finding current artists within the genre today. j.

Nashville, Tennessee is often called Music City and The Home of Country Music – but when did it start? How did it get its reputation?

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In an interview with music historian , Charles further elaborated on his understanding, stating "You take country music, you take black music, you got the same goddamn thing exactly." While features mostly covers of country and western music standards, its sound and musical style are marked by the heavy rhythm and blues influence of Charles's playing. A considerable amount of the material's melancholy lyrics and words are backed by piano and orchestral arrangements that are rooted in jazz, as well as and Charles's style of . Charles has said that the country album was "completely different from rhythm and blues".