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The music industry may be finally facing up to the truth that drug abuse has become a serious problem, though. The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences gathered in 1996 to what could be done about it. The sense of crisis has been growing since Kurt Cobain committed suicide, blamed at least partly on his heroin abuse.(Time p57)Expressions of concern are easy to come by, but the chances for meaningful industry action are less clear. Record executives refuse to be drug police, especially in a society where drug abuse has long been accepted, and even condoned, as part of the process.

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Despite all these adverse qualities of cigarettes why are they still allowed? There is no easy answer to this. It may be because of tradition in our heritage. Or it could be the taxes and funds our government receives from big tobacco companies. Or it could just be the lack of knowledge and apathy of our society. That is why we must raise the awareness of the harmful aspects of cigarettes and other illicit drugs and what can be done to prevent and stop their use.

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For the Sinaloa cartel, pushing product north into the United States is only half the logistical equation. The drug trade is a cash business — you can’t buy kilos with your credit card. So while politicians tend to focus on cartels primarily as importers of drugs, the narcos also devote an enormous amount of energy to the export of money. Cash is collected in small denominations from individual buyers and then bundled in great stacks of broken-in bills that are used to pay wholesalers, like the Flores brothers. These bills are counted, hidden in the same vehicle compartments that were used to smuggle drugs in the opposite direction and then sent to stash houses in Los Angeles, San Diego and Phoenix. From there, they move across the border into Mexico.

Drugs in the music Industry

Drugs in the music Industry.

At first, Chapo’s organization controlled a single smuggling route, through western Mexico into Arizona. But by 1990, it was moving three tons of cocaine each month over the border, and from there, to Los Angeles. The Sinaloa has always distinguished itself by the eclectic means it uses to transport drugs. Working with Colombian suppliers, cartel operatives moved cocaine into Mexico in small private aircraft and in baggage smuggled on commercial flights and eventually on their own 747s, which they could load with as much as 13 tons of cocaine. They used container ships and fishing vessels and go-fast boats and submarines — crude semi-submersibles at first, then fully submersible subs, conceived by engineers and constructed under the canopy of the Amazon, then floated downriver in pieces and assembled at the coastline. These vessels can cost more than a million dollars, but to the smugglers, they are effectively disposable. In the event of an interception by the Coast Guard, someone onboard pulls a lever that floods the interior so that the evidence sinks; only the crew is left bobbing in the water, waiting to be picked up by the authorities.
Drugs in the music Industry

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This cycle describes exactly how any kind of drug and alcohol abuse only produces a short-term hope that things still might yet be well, when in truth they are going in circles trying to escape a process that only gets faster that only conveys the sad truth that these young lives, the ones that all organizations such as EFL (education for life), S.T.A.R.Z , and other outreach missions in Oregon try to prevent. Life should be enjoyable and full of childish enthusiasm not a vast fissure in the youth of tomorrow, or a hustle to make end’s meat to keep a false hope alive.

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Performance enhancing drugs have few pros and many cons. The positive effects are increasing muscle mass which makes a person stronger, and reducing body fat. The negative effects of this drug are numerous. To get to the bloodstream the drug is chemically altered so it will avoid breakdown by the liver, which can cause liver damage. The left ventricle of the heart (muscle) can increase in size causing disruption in blood flow, which can lead to heart attack and death. Aggressive behavior has also been observed. There are many more side effects of anabolic steroid use.

Drugs in the music Industry

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The point above is, that drugs are too easily accessible for this generation to not try them once. Most kids won't admit to it, but I'm confident they've been high or been pressured to get high at least once. Our culture is constantly making it easier and easier to know where to find and how to use drugs and alcohol. Everyone has a "hook-up" for whatever they need. Thanatos is raging among the youth, and it only seems we want to kill ourselves quicker and quicker.