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In spite of the campaigns of a few thousand left-wingers, it isfairly certain that the bulk of the English people were behindChamberlain's foreign policy. More, it is fairly certain that thesame struggle was going on in Chamberlain's mind as in the minds ofordinary people. His opponents professed to see in him a dark andwily schemer, plotting to sell England to Hitler, but it is farlikelier that he was merely a stupid old man doing his bestaccording to his very dim lights. It is difficult otherwise toexplain the contradictions of his policy, his failure to grasp anyof the courses that were open to him. Like the mass of the people,he did not want to pay the price either of peace or of war. Andpublic opinion was behind him all the while, in policies that werecompletely incompatible with one another. It was behind him when hewent to Munich, when he tried to come to an understanding withRussia, when he gave the guarantee to Poland, when he honoured it,and when he prosecuted the war half-heartedly. Only when theresults of his policy became apparent did it turn against him;which is to say that it turned against its own lethargy of the pastseven years. Thereupon the people picked a leader nearer to theirmood, Churchill, who was at any rate able to grasp that wars arenot won without fighting. Later, perhaps, they will pick anotherleader who can grasp that only Socialist nations can fighteffectively.

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It's no wonder if this seems to thestudent a pointless exercise, because we're now three stepsremoved from real work: the students are imitating Englishprofessors, who are imitating classical scholars, who aremerely the inheritors of a tradition growing out of whatwas, 700 years ago, fascinating and urgently needed work.

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Thecurriculum for the English Department at NGU breaks down into two maincategories. English majors at NGU may choose the Bachelor of Arts in English orthe bachelor’s in English language arts secondary education. The English degreeequips students to enter graduate school or an English-related profession, suchas copywriting and editing, while the English language arts degree preparesstudents to teach high school English. Both majors expose students to a widerange of courses, including cultural identity studies, literary masterpieces,and upper-level writing. In addition, among other requirements, Englisheducation majors complete various education courses and 100 hours of fieldexperience to help prepare them to teach English at the high school level.

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To begin with, he has moments when he is "constructive" and even"advanced". To be occasionally inconsistent is almost a mark ofvitality in Utopia books, and Swift sometimes inserts a word ofpraise into a passage that ought to be purely satirical. Thus, hisideas about the education of the young are fathered on to theLilliputians, who have much the same views on this subject as theHouyhnhnms. The Lilliputians also have various social and legalinstitutions (for instance, there are old age pensions, and peopleare rewarded for keeping the law as well as punished for breakingit) which Swift would have liked to see prevailing in his owncountry. In the middle of this passage Swift remembers hissatirical intention and adds, "In relating these and the followingLaws, I would only be understood to mean the original Institutions,and not the most scandalous Corruptions into which these people arefallen by the degenerate Nature of Man" but as Lilliput is supposedto represent England, and the laws he is speaking of have never hadtheir parallel in England, it is clear that the impulse to makeconstructive suggestions has been too much for him. But Swift'sgreatest contribution to political thought in the narrower sense ofthe words, is his attack, especially in Part III, on what would nowbe called totalitarianism. He has an extraordinarily clearprevision of the spy-haunted "police State", with its endlessheresy-hunts and treason trials, all really designed to neutralizepopular discontent by changing it into war hysteria. And one mustremember that Swift is here inferring the whole from a quite smallpart, for the feeble governments of his own day did not give himillustrations ready-made. For example, there is the professor atthe School of Political Projectors who "shewed me a large Paper ofInstructions for discovering Plots and Conspiracies", and whoclaimed that one can find people's secret thoughts by examiningtheir excrement:

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Can one imagine any private soldier, in the nineties or now,reading BARRACK-ROOM BALLADS and feeling that here was a writer whospoke for him? It is very hard to do so. Any soldier capable ofreading a book of verse would notice at once that Kipling is almostunconscious of the class war that goes on in an army as much aselsewhere. It is not only that he thinks the soldier comic, butthat he thinks him patriotic, feudal, a ready admirer of hisofficers and proud to be a soldier of the Queen. Of course that ispartly true, or battles could not be fought, but 'What have I donefor thee, England, my England?' is essentially a middle-classquery. Almost any working man would follow it up immediately with'What has England done for me?' In so far as Kipling grasps this,he simply sets it down to 'the intense selfishness of the lowerclasses' (his own phrase). When he is writing not of British but of'loyal' Indians he carries the 'Salaam, sahib' motif to sometimesdisgusting lengths. Yet it remains true that he has far moreinterest in the common soldier, far more anxiety that he shall geta fair deal, than most of the 'liberals' of his day or our own. Hesees that the soldier is neglected, meanly underpaid andhypocritically despised by the people whose incomes he safeguards.'I came to realize', he says in his posthumous memoirs, 'the barehorrors of the private's life, and the unnecessary torments heendured'. He is accused of glorifying war, and perhaps he does so,but not in the usual manner, by pretending that war is a sort offootball match. Like most people capable of writing battle poetry,Kipling had never been in battle, but his vision of war isrealistic. He knows that bullets hurt, that under fire everyone isterrified, that the ordinary soldier never knows what the war isabout or what is happening except in his own corner of thebattlefield, and that British troops, like other troops, frequentlyrun away:

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