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Title: Persuasive Essays- Does Hip Hop Have a Positive or Negative Impact on Youth Culture.

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Using media literacy to explore hip-hop will provide an effective method to engage my students with topics that resonate with their personal experiences. Instead of merely reading and writing, students will learn to contextualize and persuade. In the past when teaching persuasive essays I have had my students write on whether hip-hop had a positive or negative impact on young people. We did a cursory review of the some elements of hip-hop, such as DJing, rapping, and break dancing. We also explored how hip-hop is represented in other parts of the world like Japan, Russia and in parts of Africa. Even after providing context for both positive and negative aspects of hip-hop some students had difficulty crafting their arguments. The fact that hip-hop had both good and bad aspects made it more challenging for some students to plan and write their essays. While graphic organizers helped in outlining the pros and cons of hip-hop, my emerging writers still struggled to write proficient essays. Only my intermediate and advanced writers were effective in using counter arguments to support their premise that hip-hop had a positive or negative impact on young people. One of my best students made nuanced arguments that showed both the positive and negative impact of hip-hop. What made this student's argument persuasive was his ability to use hip-hop lyrics as well as quotes from artists and critics to support his thesis. Engaging in a deeper inquiry about hip-hop and the art of persuasion should help students make more effective arguments regarding hip hop's positive and negative impact on youth culture.

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Essay Hip Hop Music and Music Technology Essay on Hip Hop Music. whats popular by watching there favorite artists in music videos wearing the.

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By mid-2008 the sound began to fade as indie rap and alternative began to come in with artists such as and , who fused hip hop with electro and hipster influences. , almost unknown in the mainstream, except for a few crossover acts, evolved throughout the decade with the help of artists such as , , , , , and , who achieved unheard-of success for their field. Throughout the 2000s, Alternative Hip hop continued its philosophical, positive, and complex lyrical subject matter, while denouncing materialism, fashion, and money. This subgenre also includes spoken word and a branch of slam poetry. The subgenre could be said to be related to both the old school hip-hop culture of the 1980s and 1990s, and the and subcultures.
Hip Hop Essay Beyond Beats and Rhymes) The hip hop music also influences young black That image has been reinforced by video clips and by the.

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Persuasive essay topics rap music Here are some reasons why I. Essay Topics Rap Music. Making a persuasive speech about why rap. If music is such a productive and positive thing, why. Music is the medicine of mind, what is it to soul and body.

Hip Hop Music and Elevator Speech Hi Essay on Hip Hop Music. whats popular by watching there favorite artists in music videos wearing.

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Why use hip-hop to anchor an inquiry on persuasion? Hip-hop culture is ever present in most of my students' lives. The overarching question is how does a teacher integrate literacy and social studies content to explore hip-hop? According to Tshombe Walker, in his essay, "Hip-Hop and Rap Music Industry", the most serious issue facing the hip-hop community is that of cultural and economic exploitation. Providing students a lens to explore hip-hop's persuasive techniques and its underlying economic modalities is critical to improving students' media literacy skills and provide methods for students to explore issues of social justice within a capitalist society.

N.C: Duke University Press, 2006. This book examines the influence of hip-hop in Japan and its global influence on popular culture.

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Many scholars have argued that misogyny in hip hop culture is a product of within American culture at large. Adams and Fuller (2006) suggest that hip hop artists have negative about women that are prevalent in American society, after witnessing women being treated poorly growing up. states that misogyny is a tried-and-true American tradition from which hip hop derives its understanding of how men and women should behave. Similarly, Charlise Cheney argues that hip-hop's misogyny and promotion of traditional reflect American values.