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For me, every Bowie album has its own set of memories. Back in the heyday of records, I'd go over to my friends house and listen to his collection of records in his basement. Scary Monsters was the first one I related to. Then I went backwards and discovered the Berlin trilogy, which was full-impact. By the early Nineties, as I found myself onstage with an audience, I was in full-obsession mode with Bowie. I read into all the breadcrumbs he'd put out — the clues in his lyrics that reveal themselves over time, the cryptic photographs, the magazine articles — and I projected and created what he was to me. His music really helped me relate to myself and figure out who I was. He was a tremendous inspiration in terms of what was possible, what the role of an entertainer could be, that there are no rules.

Dramatic Essay Sheet Music Violin

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Here is my essay to contradict some of Simon’s opinions about music!

There are many different types of music in the world today. Why do we need music? Is the traditional music of a country more important than the international music that is heard everywhere nowadays?

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It is true that a rich variety of musical styles can be found around the world. Music is a vital part of all human cultures for a range of reasons, and I would argue that traditional music is more important than modern, international music.

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There are many different types of music in the world today

Different kinds of music can be found throughout the world nowadays. We all need music for various reasons and I think international pop music is more important than traditional music.

Music plays an important role in different stages of our lives. Music is a commonly taught in elementary school, and it allows children to express themselves by singing or playing an instrument. Songs are also played in class for language learning, which not only allows students to learn the different expressions and vocabularies, but also gives them the chance to have a better understanding of the foreign culture. Music is also an essential ingredient for special occasions. For example, it is practically impossible to have a birthday party without playing or singing the birthday song, or to have a wedding ceremony without the proper melody to fill that romantic atmosphere. In short, music is everywhere and people naturally need it as part of their lives.

From my perspective, traditional music is not as significant as the music we listen from all over the world. Globalization is a concept that is spreading and developing in most parts of the world. For this reason, international music should be accepted for countries to be united and have fun with the latest in the entertainment world. Moreover, we can see that the younger generation is much more attracted by international pop music and it seems that traditional music will eventually die out. Singers and bands from countries like the United States, England, and South Korea are widely accepted and becoming so popular that teenagers from different cultures are now identifying themselves with such music.

To conclude, music is extremely important in our lives and we should focus more on international music because traditional music will no longer exist in the near future.

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The first important consideration involves the musical form itself, and the second consideration involves the background of the individual. All children experience music as an auditory experience, and this is true for written music as well as music with little or no musical notation.

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Kollmann was born in Germany, where he began his career as an organist and teacher before serving as organist and schoolmaster at the Royal German Chapel in St James’s Palace, London, from 1782 until his death in 1829. During his career in England, Kollmann published works in English on instrumental instruction, music analysis, harmony, and composition. His Essay on Practical Musical Composition (1799) was dedicated to George III, who owned a copy of Kollmann’s previous work, An Essay on Musical Harmony (1796). The subscriber’s list was headed by Queen Charlotte and included the Princess of Wales, the Duke and Duchess of York, and Princesses Augusta, Elizabeth, and Mary, as well as Charles Burney, John Peter Salomon, and other leading musicians. Kollmann’s signature, indicating his ownership of copyright, appears on the title page of the Archive’s copy, shown above.