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Here is an essay from one of our followers Brid O'Riordan, on the power of music on regulating and improving mood, highlighting the science behind the

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Report Abuse Home > College Guide > College Essays > Importance of music in my life Importance. Really importance of music in very much. Reply. Report abuse. Free Essays on Music The Essence Of Life When most people think of music they think of what you hear on the radio but music is Friend At School Essay and a. Starting a New Life; Ramayana The Essence Of Life; Music. An Essay on the Meaning of the essence of life is and that the modern omnipresence of humour and the. Free Essays on Music The Essence Of Life When most people think of music they think of what you hear on the radio but music is Friend At School Essay and a. Essay on Essence of Life; Essay on Essence of Life. 1607 Words Dec 31st, 2013 7 Pages. Show More. Hey. There. How are you doing?. Salem Witch Trials and True.

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Research topics on music are very diverse. You can write your research paper about ideas related to performance techniques, psychology, culture, education,

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It is true that a rich variety of musical styles can be found around the world. Music is a vital part of all human cultures for a range of reasons, and I would argue that traditional music is more important than modern, international music.
I just have a little confusion about the second part of the question. Can I argue that the two types of music are equally important?

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27 Feb 2014 In the second installment of our mini photo series on 'local community projects', Angie Davila shines a light onto Crystal Palace, South London.Photo Essays On Music

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Not abandoning the fact that music from a certain culture paints the pictures of the history, essence and traditions, of such culture. Such songs are categorized as traditional music. Music in this regard is important and must be protected because it serves as a reflection of that tradition. Examples of this kind of music are Ijala, a traditional song from Ogun State in Nigeria, also there is Obitun, a song that represents the indigenes of Ondo state in Nigeria. This genre of music tells stories of their past, of their heroes, of their culture.

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There are many different types of music in the world today. Why do we need music? Is the traditional music of a country more important than the international music that is heard everywhere nowadays?