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"Provides full text for 3,430 journals, with indexing and abstracting for more than 4.425 journals. Includes coverage of 3,280 peer-reviewed journals for a broad range of disciplines. Sample controlled vocabulary: aboriginal Australians, Eskimos, Indians of north America, indigenous peoples, inuit, metis, and names of specific nations. " (From Xwi7xwa Library: )

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Psychological disorder among the Aboriginal people

Shawanda, Crystal. (2008). Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards 2008 Album of the Year, 2008 Aboriginal Peoples Choice Awards Best New Artists and Country Album and 2009 Canadian Radio Music Awards Best New Country Artist. New album due in 2010.

HIV/AIDSamong the Aboriginal people

Aboriginalwomen use and participate in all forms of the recording arts fromstorytelling to slam poetry and from hip-hop to traditional Pow Wowdrumming. Table 10. contains a small and varied selection thatwould be a useful start for developing an audio collection. Twouseful and comprehensive sites for recordings are Goodminds(andTurtle Island Native Network: Culture().There are a few recording companies that showcase Aboriginaltalent such as Arbor Records ().As well, artists that have been featured on the Canadian AboriginalMusic Awards ()or the Native American Music Awards()should be considered for the collection.

Alcohol abuse among the Aboriginal people

home; People; Indigenous People; Indigenous Peoples. In Canada, the term Indigenous peoples (or Aboriginal peoples) refers to First Nations, Métis and Inuit.

From the 1960s to the 1970s, the aboriginal people batted for equal treatment. After being placed in government reserves where the conditions were poor, protests from various aboriginal tribes were launched against the government. The Yolngu tribe in the Northern Territory filed a petition against the British government condemning the bauxite mining activity in their lands. Likewise, the Aborigines held a strike to reveal the poor conditions and low wages of the Aborigines. Due to these reactions, the government changed its stance on the rights of the Aborigines to their lands (Reynolds).
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Thereis more to understanding the reasoning behind collection developmentfor Aboriginal women than population statistics and well intentionedlibrary policies. The writer, Jeannette Armstrong, stated "Thesuicide rates and problems our people are having are a result ofbeing told you're stupid, ignorant, a drunk, you'll never amount toanything -- just because you're Indian. To me, that's the biggest lieof all that needs to be dispelled." A public library can be partof dispelling that lie by facilitating access to stories andinformation that represent the many facets of the lives of Aboriginalwomen. While titles addressing the barriers and challenges thesewomen face are important, librarian Elizabeth Peterson has imploredher colleagues to also collect materials in subject areas such assports and movies. It is also important that libraries revise thelanguage that has been used in catalogue records. Canadian librariansGene Joseph and Kim Lawson have noted that the description ofAboriginal material in libraries is out of date and can act as abarrier to accessing information. The Xwi7xwa Library at theUniversity of British Columbia uses the Brian Deer (Aboriginal)classification system and associated Aboriginal subject headingswhich could inform revisions to cataloguing records in publiclibraries.

Bone, Tracy.  2009 Juno nominee and 2009 Aboriginal People's Choice Songwriter of the Year.

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The white people live in a separate quarter, known as Uptown. Stan Bruiser, the mayor, is a thug of the first order, with ''a scarred face set like concrete, sweat running down from his hairy skull over his lumpy forehead and onto his exposed brown teeth,'' which he tends to bare ''like those of a savage dog.'' Life in Desperance is completely segregated, including the drinking, a favorite sport for both sides but a special affliction for Aborigines, who for decades have experienced high rates of alcoholism and alcohol-related violence. Wright describes the pub: ''A little window lot separated the Barramundi bar from the ugly, stained mustard-colored walls of the snake pit next door, which was crowded to overflowing with the 'darkies.''' Violence is everywhere, between the Aborigines and the whites, and among the Aborigines. There are storms and cyclones, and the ancient spirit world is not exactly peaceful either.

Australia’s history of racism towards Aboriginal people continues to impact education policy and

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The battle plan of the settlers was clear at the onset. Initially, they tricked the natives by promising protection and making the Aborigines civilized people. However, the British colonizers needed very little workers from the natives. The Aborigines began resorting to stealing cattle, sheep, and even killing them hoping that it would drive the colonizers away (Mann).