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Calypso is a very different Musical genre, different rhythms

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Local music, primarily Soca and Calypso play a key role in Carnival Celebrations. Sample some of the rhythmic, pulsating flavours of Carnival and other types of music from Trinidad and Tobago.

Listen to the calypso song "Music In We Blood" from the 2003 Carnival season:

CALYPSO MUSIC Calypso is one of the most significant traditions in the Caribbean Music Industry. ‘Come, Mister tally man, tally me banana, daylight come

Calypso is one of the most significant traditions in Caribbean music. Calypso began on the twin island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. The rhythms of calypso can be traced quite back to the seventeenth century. This was when the first enslaved Africans were brought to Trinidad to work on the sugar plantations. While the Africans worked in the sugar field plantations, they were forbidden to speak to one another. So, by means of communication, they began to sing songs similar to those they knew in West Africa. The African call-and-response chant called “kaisos”, was the earliest calypso music that was developed. These songs, were quite boastful and often, they were accompanied by the traditional African drums and a chorus. In Trinidad, early Calypso music was sung in French patios and they were used in ways to mock and ridicule the upper class and slaveholders.

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Since the appeal for Calypso music broadened, it became a tradition for Calypso singing competitions to be help annually, during the Carnival season. But, Calypso’s popularity generally soared after slavery was abolished in the 1830’s. Also, the music genre became similar after the Afro-Trinidadian struggle against colonialism. In the past, and sometimes now, calypsos typically involves storylines about current events, politics and social commentary. Since Calypso music gathered a widespread popularity, socially and politically conscious calypsos influenced many of Trinidad’s most important social and political events.
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Calypso is one of the most significant traditions in Caribbean music

Listening to “Music in We Blood” as arranged by Ken “Professor” Philmore and following the chart below, we can hear how the calypso is transformed into a competition showpiece.

Presents photographs of an event celebrating Calypso music in Brooklyn, New York City.

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Focuses on growing interest, as of 1997, in calypso and other music from the Caribbean. Establishment of industry organization Latin and Caribbean music offices in Miami, Florida; Conflicts and friction in the Carnival scene; Collapse of Caribana 1997 in Toronto, Canada; Reasons for the...

Of course, there are many other genres of Caribbean music besides calypso, reggae, and soca.

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Track 19 - King Radio doesn't have the prettiest Calypso voice by any stretch, but in John O'Carr, the music is just right, and the lyrics and chorus are equally catchy.