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Generally, the mobile phone will certainly bring about a lot of advantages. First of all, the mobile phone is considered the quickest means of communication in our daily life, we can contact easily with our friends and our relative wherever by calling or sending messages. Second, the mobile phone is also a means of entertainment for people. We can listen to music and play games on mobile phone. Moreover, by using the latest apps for smartphones , we can access to the internet to watch Film and check our profile in social networks and update our status wherever we are. Final, If we have a smartphone in hand, our studying becomes more effective such as look up dictionary, find out many source of reference on internet which is useful for studying.

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Music can affect your emotional wellness in positive or negative ways. The article also mentions that listening to music can affect your nervous system. When your nervous system is affected itcan cause many problems in your body. The problems can affect your cardiovascular, respiratory, neuroendocrine, and immune systems. These all show signs of physical wellness. Listening to music can also be very spiritual too. People can listen to calming songs and beats to relax themselves and release any anxiety or stress they have built up.

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Murrock and Clark believe that the release of these hormones when listening to music produces physiological effects in the human body. The therapeutic properties of music date back to prehistoric times when it was used as a powerful instrument for health, healing, and wellness. Today music is used less in pharmacological ways and more for enjoyment and enhancement of physical activity. People also use music today to alter moods, communicate feelings, and create distraction. There are six levels of wellness: physical, social, emotional, intellectual, environmental and spiritual. Music and Mood” could really be focused on any of these levels of wellness, but I believe it mainly focuses on emotional wellness. In Murrock and Clark’s article they focused on how listening to music releases hormones that are believed to alter someone’s mood and can affect their emotional wellness. Someone in a calm, happy mood could listen to a few songs with stressful beats and begin to feel more anxiety. The opposite canalso happen. A stressed out person could listen to some relaxing music and notice that they are calmer.

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The third hypothesis suggested that performance would be better in the soft music condition when compared to the loud music condition because it was believed that classical music would provide a positive, soothing, and comfortable environment for the participants due to its relaxing tone that will facilitate information processing. However, that hypothesis was not supported by the results; it is important to note that the overall performance was significantly lower in the loud music at high intensity. Based on these results, the presence of lyrics and the consistent use of louder instruments, such as drums, bass and, electric guitar to the heavy metal rock music can be seen as reasons for its distracting effects.

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Appreciative listening includes listening to music for enjoyment, to speakers because you like their style, to your choices in theater, television, radio, or film. It is the response of the listener, not the source of the message, that defines appreciative listening. That which provides appreciative listening for one person may provide something else for another. For example, hard rock music is not a source of appreciative listening for me. I would rather listen to gospel, country, jazz, or the “golden oldies.”

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Music, alas, is the neglected Muse of educational programs across the board, from kindergarten to college. One reason for this is a failure to perceive the importance of music in the education of the young and in human life generally. Another is the tendency to regard music as a “soft” subject—there for the sake of amusement or a vague sort of “music appreciation.” Yet another is the opinion that music is not basic to our human nature, but is the prerogative of a trained or gifted elite—something that only those with the potential to be professional musicians need study. I have endeavored to show that none of these is true.