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Boris- The way I see it, Josh, music should not be censored. Many children often hear explicit language from older siblings or parents at an early age. They believe that since someone they look up to uses those words, they should too. Eventually, everyone will be exposed to language they do not find acceptable. Foul language is not permitted on Medias such as television or radio because it is an all audience media. However, on albums the artist is allowed to use any words he or she sees fit. Keeping censorship away is very important. Just because a certain percentage of our population is offended doesn't mean we should take away the First Amendment rights of artists. I believe the most effective solution to this problem would be through disclaimers and self-censorship. For example, if there is some sort of disclaimer before a video that may seem offensive, then it will allow you to change the channel, the same way that movies have ratings. And if you are concerned about the messages getting sent to children, then spending time with them and finding out what they are about, and teaching them morals and values, would be a very effective solution. Eminem said it himself in the song "Who Knew" on the Marshall Mathers CD, "But don't blame me when lil' Eric jumps off of the terrace. You shoulda been watchin' him - apparently you ain't parents."

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Pros And Cons Of Music Censorship Essay

An essay illustrating government use of censorship to control populations and questions their right to do so citing examples in print, music and the internet.

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Media Censorship Essays: Miscellaneous essay paper; Music and Behavior control and Output control Anti News Media Censorship Censorship in the Media.

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Music Censorship Although is clearly states in the first amendment that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free.
Music censorship is highly debated, learn about the pros and cons in order to decide what side you fall on.

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Censorship is contrary to the political philosophy on which the United States was founded. The Bill of Rights ensures an individual's right to free expression. The use of this freedom to criticize the ruling party agrees with the Constitutional conviction that there must be checks on government. A democracy assigns the individual the task of choosing the most appropriate manner of life. Censorship restricts these choices, and is therefore in conflict with democracy.

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The labeling of music albums has had undesirable effects. In some cases it has limited access to materials not only to minors, but also to adults. Contrary to the censor's wishes, labels have served to increase interest in controversial ideas.

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What consumers buy is a piece of vinyl, tape, or aluminum, what they pay for is the sounds and ideas recorded therein. Record companies do not deal in goods or services, they essentially deal in ideas, musical and otherwise. By censoring the artist, they censor their own product, even though this censorship may subtract from the quality of the product. It has been shown above that this is not done for profit. Besides the submission to the PMRC in the labeling issue, Executive Vice President of RCA records Rick Dobbis has implied that his firm may have to go further to compromise with outside pressure to censor: "We recognize that we have a responsibility, and if we don’t put our own house in order, someone else will (Terry 1989). Dobbis’ statement hints towards a fear of controversy that has seemingly become a company policy. RCA President Bob Buziak says he is "...not for censorship," but his actions prove otherwise: