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The Sound of Music was directed and produced by Robert Wise, although he was not the first choice, he did indeed prove to be the best. Richard Rodgers wrote the music with the lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II. The music was arranged and conducted by Irwin Kostal with the choreography by Marc Breaux and Dee Dee Wood.

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Essay: The History of Electronic Sound and Music

It is difficult to believe that poetry can ever be popularisedagain without some deliberate effort at the education of publictaste, involving strategy and perhaps even subterfuge. T.S. Eliotonce suggested that poetry, particularly dramatic poetry, might bebrought back into the consciousness of ordinary people through themedium of the music hall; he might have added the pantomime, whosevast possibilities do not seem ever to have been completelyexplored. "Sweeney Agonistes" was perhaps written with some suchidea in mind, and it would in fact be conceivable as a music-hallturn, or at least as a scene in a revue. I have suggested the radioas a more hopeful medium, and I have pointed out its technicaladvantages, particularly from the point of view of the poet. Thereason why such a suggestion sounds hopeless at first hearing isthat few people are able to imagine the radio being used for thedissemination of anything except tripe. People listen to the stuffthat does actually dribble from the loud-speakers of the world, andconclude that it is for that and nothing else that the wirelessexists. Indeed the very word "wireless" calls up a picture eitherof roaring dictators or of genteel throaty voices announcing thatthree of our aircraft have failed to return. Poetry on the airsounds like the Muses in striped trousers. Nevertheless one oughtnot to confuse the capabilities of an instrument with the use it isactually put to. Broadcasting is what it is, not because there issomething inherently vulgar, silly and dishonest about the wholeapparatus of microphone and transmitter, but because all thebroadcasting that now happens all over the world is under thecontrol of governments or great monopoly companies which areactively interested in maintaining the STATUS QUO and therefore inpreventing the common man from becoming too intelligent. Somethingof the same kind has happened to the cinema, which, like the radio,made its appearance during the monopoly stage of capitalism and isfantastically expensive to operate. In all the arts the tendency issimilar. More and more the channels of production are under thecontrol of bureaucrats, whose aim is to destroy the artist or atleast to castrate him. This would be a bleak outlook if it were notthat the totalitarianisation which is now going on, and mustundoubtedly continue to go on, in every country of the world, ismitigated by another process which it was not easy to foresee evenas short a time as five years ago.

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, one of the first composers of , wrote the essay He argues that any kind of noise could be used as music, as audiences become more familiar with noises caused by technological advancements; noise has become so prominent that pure sound no longer exists.

Music Videos as One of the Most Accessible Forms of Postmodern Art in The Look of Sound by Pat Aufderheide
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Digital downloads may make your music collection more portable, but vinyl records have experienced a surprising surge in popularity. While the advent of the CD pushed them off store shelves in the early 1990s, sales of vinyl rose 33 percent in 2013, according to the Nielsen SoundScan ratings. For your essay, research this new trend and formulate an argument about why modern-day listeners are drawn to older technology amid the growth of digital music. For example, your thesis might explore what creates the full, rich sound that separates digital music from vinyl and why it appeals to fans.

Analyse and compare the different ways musical numbers are integrated into the diegesis in The Sound of Music (1965)

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The Trumpet of Conscience. For Students Parents. Topics for Compare and Contrast Essays. Since that first recital, I became very committed to music and attempted to build a music career. Professionally written essays on this topic. It will also give you a sound structure that will help with paragraph. Where Do We Go from Here Chaos or Community. I began playing the piano, and at age fifteen, I began.

Sound is essential to our world for many reasons. Sound can be used to communicate in various ways such as mores code or simply talking. The sound of music

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Free streaming sites such as Spotify and Pandora may be opening doors for fans to discover new tunes, but they've also divided producers and artists on whether these programs are good for music sales. In 2013, use of music streaming websites rose by 32 percent, while digital music sales sharply declined, according to the Nielsen SoundScan ratings. Write an argumentative essay that makes the case for whether music streaming is a positive or negative force in the industry. For example, you might argue that streaming gives artists a valuable marketing opportunity, especially for letting fans preview new songs and albums.