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The five-paragraph essay, a common approach to expository writing, is good for beginner writers. Each body paragraph should focus on a subtopic related to your thesis. For example, in one paragraph, discuss the developments of jazz and Classical period music; in another, analyze the influences each had on their societies; and in the last, describe how each influenced future music genres. Analyze each subtopic thoroughly with ample evidence, and connect paragraphs to one another and to the thesis with transition sentences at the end and beginning of each paragraph.

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The Master of Music (M.M.) with Major in Music is designed to assist students in attaining an advanced level of competence and knowledge in instrumental or vocal performance, choral or wind conducting, music composition or commercial music composition, as specified by their chosen concentration. The department offers performance and teacher training in standard class instruction, applied studio instruction (private lessons), performance ensembles and chamber music coaching. Florida Atlantic University is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM). The Music Department adheres to nationally accepted standards regarding the faculty's creative and scholarly research, including making music, studying music and its influences, advancing the pedagogy of music and facilitating music activities.

Two concentrations are available for the Master of Music (M.M.) majors: Commercial Music and Performance. The Commercial Music concentration instructs graduate students in advanced composition, arranging and music production for film, television and digital media. The Performance concentration prepares Music students for professional careers as soloists, conductors or private studio teachers, and/or for the pursuit of further academic study in the listed options below.

Each student in the M.M. in Music program must meet the College's foreign language requirement of two semesters (8 credits) of undergraduate study in the same foreign language OR complete a graduate-level Reading for Research course (FRE/GER/SPN) OR demonstrate proficiency. Any coursework taken to fulfill the requirement does not count toward the M.M. in Music.

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To teach students the basics of audio engineering and live sound reinforcement in an interactive environment. Students work together in a collaborative effort to learn the processes and skills necessary to engineer live performances of music, theater, and public announcements.

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14 Aug 2014 Furthermore, music can be classified into a number of genres, time periods, keep in mind when writing an expository essay on music genres. view all.

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The journalist tells us about Tyquran’s dreams, but these are juxtaposed with his day-to-day experiences (“gangs and the guns, the cops and the stops”). The poetic alliteration and rhyming of the plural endings enhances the feeling that Tyquran has an uphill battle to fight to make it in society and also echoes the music typical of his social environment. The journalist ends this segment of his article with Tyquran asking an important question: why are there guns in America? This appeal comes from the “character” in this story of the street and this makes us more interested in looking for answers. This is also an interesting way to introduce the theme of the article as Tyquran is a representative of the group of people who are perhaps most often blamed for street violence in America, yet it is he who is asking the important question.

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