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In short, in face of rapid changes in the globalized world, to regain the sense of certainty, many individuals turn to religion for a clear explanation of what is going on in the world. With its strength as a powerful identity that brings the message of unity and security in times of crisis, religion provides the idea of a “home.”[45] But as the last section demonstrates, this religious identity becomes a major ingredient that reduces the self and the other to a number of cultural religious characteristics.

Q: So the Beatles were the chicken or the egg?

From Rock to J-Pop and the ‘Korean Wave’: The Journey of Cultural Globalization in Korean Pop Music

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As global awareness of certain issues has risen, so too has the number of organizations that aim to deal with them. So-called non-governmental organizations bring together people unaffiliated with the government and can be nationally or globally focused. Many international NGOs deal with issues that do not pay attention to borders (such as , energy use, or child labor regulations).

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Q: You see the Beatles as the first example of modern globalization. How so?

Positive And Negative Effects Of Globalization Essay - Posit

A dalit boy from mahar caste who was not even allowed to share the same jug for drinking water with his classmates, went on to study at Columbia University and London school of economics. This ‘untouchable’ boy one day became the architect of the Indian Constitution and turned out to be one of the greatest leaders of modern India. Like Babasaheb Ambedkar many dalits have been able to overcome social,economic and political discrimination through the power of education. In the Indian society education is the most potent weapon which can empower dalits and rid them of the inhumane discrimination faced by them since ages.
Globalization is primarily of three types, namely, economic, cultural and political :

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Write a research paper on the domestic effects of globalization in the last year or two. For example, research U.S. groups who are either for or against globalization. Argue how the effort to buy only products made in the U.S. is either hurting or helping the economy. In addition, you could investigate how many U.S.-based companies maintain global operations, and how outsourcing has affected consumer cost in their industries.

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The geographical distribution of these U&C is quite uneven as most are concentrated in metropolitan and other urban areas. While the Governments have attempted an equitable distribution, private U&C far outnumber public U&C and thus distort the distribution. On the other hand, stream-wise distribution is also uneven, where engineering and management institutes, running in lakhs, outnumber all other institutes. This not only represents the genuine incapability of the state to accommodate the increasing number of students, but also the structural distortion in the Indian economy, where the service sector dominates.

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