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The following essay is adapted from (Cascade Books), an entertaining and informative collection of essays about Christianity, music, and coming of age in the 1990s. The author is a frequent music critic for .

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Here is my essay to contradict some of Simon’s opinions about music!

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The form of the sonata, which assumes all characters and every expression of Charles Avison s An Essay on Musical Expression (1752) as well as works by

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Brian Ward is a professor in American Studies at Northumbria University, UK. His major publications include Just My Soul Responding: Rhythm and Blues, Black Consciousness and Race Relations (1998), Radio and the Struggle for Civil Rights in the South (2004), and The 1960s: A Documentary Reader (2009). He is currently working on a book about the relationships between the American South and the world of British popular music.

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In the United States, electronic music production began in 1939. John Cage gets the credit for publishing Imaginary Landscape, No.1. He created the music using cymbal, muted piano, frequency recordings and two variable-speed turntables. There was no actual electronic element for the music production. He added five more compositions to the series from 1942 to 1952. In 1954, he performed a Williams Mix at Donaueschingen with eight loudspeakers and was believed to be a grand success.
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CSIRAC is the first computer used for playing music. 1951, it was first utilized in a public demonstration to play music. Computer music was first demonstrated at a large-scale level when pre-recorded radio broadcast on NBC television in February 1962. In 1961, LaFarr Stuart played existing tunes using CYCLONE computer using an amplified speaker at the Iowa State University.

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Eduardo "Lalo" Guerrero began recording Spanish-language during the 1940s. His music was played in Los Angeles radio stations and he began to gain popularity among Mexican-Americans in California. Despite his Spanish language success, Guerrero wanted to primarily perform American music of that era. His record label agreed but changed his professional name to Don Edwards, which does not suggest the slightest bit of Mexican heritage. This experiment was not a success, so Guerrero went back to performing for the Mexican American audience. Throughout the next 50 years, Guerrero gained a large audience throughout America. He received several awards, and in 1997 he received an award from President Clinton. Clinton presented the award for "a distinguished music career that spans over sixty years, two cultures, and a wealth of different musical styles. With humor, passion, and profound insight, he has entertained and enlightened generations of audiences giving power voice to the joys and sorrows of the Mexican American experience."
An analysis of vocal or instrumental music from a particular region or period is another great choice in topic.

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This page begins with the African musical traits brought here beginning in 1619 andattempts to trace their fusion with the European music brought here by the colonists. Thestory of this musical interaction is also the story of American popular music and includesthe plantation songs of Stephen Foster, the ragtime of Scott Joplin, the blues of BessieSmith, the jazz of Count Basie, and the jump bands of Louis Jordan. The knowledge of thestream of American popular music allows one to understand that rock and roll was a naturalresult of the combined forces that effected the music.

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The early physical developments of keyboards have dampened, for some time, or even stunted the growth of texture and sustaining power of piano music during its early invention. As noticed, clavichords or harpsichords do not have many pedals on them to sustain sounds in longer time periods, as it is required. Thus, fewer sustaining effect on the melody can be heard from an early pianoforte, compared to the modern pianos nowadays.

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