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During the nineteenth century, composers from non-Germanic countries began looking for ways in which they might express the musical soul of their homelands. Many of these turned to indigenous history and legends as plots for their operas, and to the popular folk melodies and dance rhythms of their homelands as inspiration for their symphonies and instrumental music. Others developed a highly personal harmonic language and melodic style which distinguishes their music from that of the Austro-Germanic traditions.

HISTORY OF KPOP The history of Korean pop music is not very old.

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K-pop (an abbreviation of Korean pop or Korean popular music) is a musical genre consisting of dance, electronic,electropop, hip hop, rock, and R&B music originating in South Korea. In addition to music, K-pop has grown into a popular subculture among teenagers and young adults around the world. b) History of KPOP

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The problem with the heavy dose of history in Shake It Up has less to do with the quality of the writing than with the narrative ultimately presented by the anthology itself. To put it simply, the book skews toward what’s already thought of as great music, most of it made before 1970. Four of the anthology’s 50 essays are about the Beatles. That’s the same number as those covering music that originated after 2000. There are other glaring omissions. Aside from brief passages on The Shirelles, The Supremes, and Whitney Houston, not a single essay focuses on Black female musicians. Rap from the 1970s to the mid-1990s is entirely unaccounted for; it’s as if hip-hop began with Jay-Z. Shake It Up seems to insinuate that the greatest musical innovations are in the past, which is hardly a position that challenges the pop-culture archive. Even if you agree with Dettmar and Lethem’s insistence that the anthology focuses on great writing — and for the most part, it does — the implication is that great music writing is about music the cultural archive already insists is great.

Like previous studies of pop-music history ..
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Elvis Presley was such a pivotal figure in the history of popular music that, in retrospect, he seems to have been almost destined to emerge when he did. Sun Records honcho Sam Phillips anticipated his coming anyway. In one of the most oft-repeated stories in American musical history, Phillips is reported to have said that he could make a fortune if he could find a white singer who could master the black vocal style, and Elvis was that singer.

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The British Invasion in the American revolution of 1964. Top to bottom: PC1–PC4. (a) Linear evolution of quarterly medians of four PCs in the 6 years (24 quarters) flanking 1963–Q4, the peak of the 1964 revolution. The population medians of all four PCs decrease, and these decreases begin well before the start of the British Invasion (BI) in late 1963, implying that BI acts cannot be solely responsible for the changes in musical style evident at the time. For each PC, the two topics that load most strongly are indicated, with sign of correlation—high, red to low, blue—indicated (electronic supplementary material, figure S2). (b) Frequency density distributions of four PCs for the Beatles, The Rolling Stones and songs by all other artists around the 1964 revolution. For PC1 and PC2, but not PC3 and PC4, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones have significantly lower median values than the rest of the population, indicated by arrows, implying that these BI artists adopted a musical style that exaggerated existing trends in the Hot 100 towards increased use of major chords and decreased use of ‘bright’ speech (PC1) and increased guitar-driven aggression and decreased use of mellow vocals (PC2). Vertical lines represent medians; p-values based on Mann–Whitney–Wilcoxon rank sum test; The Beatles (B): n=46; The Rolling Stones (RS): n=20; other artists (O): n=3114.

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pop charts and sells almost a million copies in its first week

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