Music inspires me. It is my soulmate.

. National Survey and Writing Contest Summary Report. Below you will find nearly 200 essays from people about the songs and music that inspires. Music Essay.

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What type of music inspires you? Is there a specific song that really moves you?

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Great questions, thoughts, and connections, Danessa and Kaylen! Nice work, Wonder Friends! The Wonder video today shows an artist working very quickly-- that's done by using a process called time lapse. It makes everything look faster than it actually is! :) We are so glad you told us all about what inspires you today. You're right, it's important to work hard AND have fun, too! :)

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What inspires me today, aside from more cliché’s? I have an ability to inspire others, sometimes merely with only a few words uttered. I’m proud of myself, for being a team player, with qualities like mine, as I put it all together. What truly inspires me knows the world a little better. I’ve learned to fill my fault. Not with ease of any kind, I work on it a little bit most days. I once thought helping people, was all that was needed to feel good about myself, I was wrong. That is OK. I have now learned how to teach others to help themselves, in my own special way.

Last fall, students from Monterey High School in East Los Angeles wrote these essays on the music that most inspires them.

6/9/2012 · Music that inspires me, the music that inspires me to get up and pumped is usualy music for rock bands such as Nickleback, ..

Music is definitely important to me because it is another means of communication between one person and myself. Music has also helped inspire me to keep drawing. Sometimes a certain lyric from a song may catch my attention and I begin to draw a piece that is dedicated or inspired from that lyric. Other times, music has motivated me to study and/or workout because of the beats per minute.

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Well, I don't know about others. But for me music is important. I mean it can be soo powerful. It can cheer you up when you're sad, bring back memories; in fact it can do soo much. It could inspire etc

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Obviously, it's tricky to measure how a song can lead to increased creativity, but it's clear that music can inspire higher brain functioning -- provided you like the particular piece of music playing, that is. As long as music can get you in a positive mood and increase your arousal levels, you just might reap immediate cognitive benefits.
What Inspires Me Music and life are synonymous. What Inspires Me. I tried to disassociate myself from it.

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i like rock as a type of music that inspires me. it pushes me to do better. gives me energy when i am down. some of the music pumps me up before a football game or even baseball. it inspires me to do an extra rep when i am working out. new kinds of music helps me see different things and makes me work harder. rock music really inspires me.

Haha, true! It does depend on the type of music and your personal preferences, but inspiration can come from anything and everything.

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I would have to say most of the time love inspires me to cook. I know that sounds cheesy but really for me I tend to cook for those people I love. Cooking, for me, is an expression of my feelings for others. I always cook with others in mind, like how my food will affect them and how their feelings change what I want to cook.

wow! That was an amazing video. Music inspires me as well as drawing I love to do that when I have free time.

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For me, music is very important in my life. It inspires me when I need it to, entertains me when I'm bored, and so on. And it also helps to hear certain songs that you can relate to, especially during times of sadness. It helps to me to not feel as alone.