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A lot of music is, after all, less about sequences of notes or beats than about sound sculptures, rich in timbre and composed of interlocking and overlapping layers that function as composite entities. This type of music, whether it is by Messiaen or Ministry, is far ahead of music psychologists still looking for tension peaks in a Mozart sonata.

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Here is my introduction:
Music ,as a way of perceiving emotions and thoughts, is divided to many categories. It is true that the international music is known by most of the people, local music also should be noticed as it conveys specific cultures and histories.

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We can not deny that there are various kind of music in today society. Music seems to be an essential aspect of the culture and life. In the following paragraphs, I will explain the reason why human need music and answer the question whether the traditional music of a nation is more important than the International music that is heard all over the world nowdays.
First of all, music is something that accompanies all of people through their life span. In particular, as children, people are taught songs by their parents and teacher as a way to learn language and communicate or simple as a form of enjoyment. Later in life, music plays many role in society such as music is the food of soul, it brings to people’s mind a way to entertainment and helps to release all stress that they have to surf. Moreover, music is able to express and arouse the emotions that words alone cannot.
Secondly, in my point of view, I believe that traditional music is more importan than Internation music because International music like Pop, Rock , RnB … is just commercial product that is used to earn money to business people. However, not only can traditional music express the culture, customs and history of a nation but it is also the connection between present and the past. In addition, music is a form of culture identity.
In conclusion, I absolutely believe that music is one of the most vital factor in the existence and development of human. Besides that, I also think that each individual should contribute to conserve the traditional music to avoid the domination of the modern International music.

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Political nature of music consists in defining racial and ethnic communities. For example, blues music was a post-Reconstruction development in African-American musical and poetic history. For the first time black Americans–outside of maroon (fugitive slave) communities–were forced to create both a community and a culture of their own (Frith 78). The blues were part of this culture creation process. Born in the late nineteenth century, blues evolved well into the 1950s and declined with the heyday of the civil rights movement in the 1960s. Only with the formation of an African-American community and its blues culture, the exiled African, former slaves, become truly American. It is in the poetic realization of this newly evolved community of African Americans that the social meaning of the blues is to be found.
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At the heart of any scientific explanation of music is an understanding of how and why it affects us. In the first of a nine-part essay series, Philip Ball explores just how far we can hope to achieve a full scientific theory of music.

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The native Samoans were practicing on their log drums in the house while I was outdoors, surrounded by a chorus of cicadas. The two sounds seemed related, even harmonious. The musicians inside were communicating within their species, as were the insects outside, but the two worlds seemed to share a symbiotic relationship, like they had evolved in the same climate, and music and nature were in tune with one another. Kind of a macrobiotic music: of place, not merely about place. Was it just me with my overworked imagination, or was there a deeper connection here?

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Can we trace changes in cultural understanding of the environment by looking to music for forensic evidence? Can we construct a natural history of listening? As our awareness of the global environment develops, what can we learn about living responsibly on the planet, leaving only footprints, taking only recordings?