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a work is registered with the U.S. Copyright Office infringement occurs, the copyright owner wins copyright infringement litigation, then the judge order the infringer to reimburse the copyright owner's reasonable attorney's fees.17 U.S.C. §§ 412, 505. In May 2010, I began writing a 121-page technical essay on the criteria used by a judge to decide whether to award to a prevailing party in a copyright infringement case. My essay emphasizes law in the Second, Seventh, and Ninth Circuits. I also include a discussion of "reasonable" attorney's fees, mostly from casesin the U.S. Supreme Court or the Seventh Circuit. This essay considers seldom-discussed details in law, which are economically important to litigants.

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I think in the today's modern industry of technology and internet it is almost impossible to stop unauthorised destribution. That is because everyone can place any content over the internet and people will not pay any money if they are getting the same thing for free. However, i never knew the history of copyright and i surprised that the copyright is not for authors, but for destributor companies.

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if copyright was abolished then the internet would become a vast source of information for everyone to access and to use and to benefit from as it should be in a free society. society has decided that it will not be deprived of the
free flow of information. this is called progress and you cannot stop it. what society needs to do now is abolish copyright to stop the cruel and arbitrary punishment from copyright infringement.

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Some predicted that this initial success would quickly level off as the software increased in size and complexity and required centralized, hierarchical organizations to maintain. But instead of foundering, the Free Software movement has grown so quickly that even its own participants are surprised, and it shows no signs of stopping. It now produces software whose functionality rivals that available in the proprietary market. Free software is widely used by banks, corporations, and governments, as well as individual computer users. More web sites run the free Apache web server than run all other web servers combined. Free operating systems are now the fastest-growing segment of the operating system market. Although some free software authors are paid for their work (after all, their services provide a benefit to those who use the software, and some of those users are willing to pay for it), others volunteer their time. Each software project has its own reasons for existing, and each programmer their own reasons for contributing. But the cumulative effect is a direct flaunting of copyright's entire justification: a thriving community of intellectual production now exists without enforcing copyrights, yet achieves substantially the same results as its mainstream counterpart.

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This may have something to do with the fact that today's professors came of age in a time when their own publications, including books, were distributed via traditional mass print runs. Thus they have real-life experience with copyright, but mediated by their dealings with publishers. Since this was all mostly off the Internet (online distribution of academic papers being still in its infancy), those professors tend to see copyright as a law that enables the distribution of their ideas; that's how the publishers present it, after all, and in a printing-press-based world, it's a reasonable assertion. But this all probably informs how the professors teach copyright.

Music Copyright Essays: Over 180,000 Music Copyright Essays, Music Copyright Term Papers, Music Copyright Research Paper, Book Reports

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I posted a provocative essay on defects in current copyright law in the USA that might protect a of public-domain works (e.g., musical compositions by J.S. Bach). This essay also discussesthe legal standard for copyrightability of derivative works (e.g., arrangements) in music, andthe minimum length of a copyrightable theme in music. I am encouraging anyone to copy new editions of old music. The purpose of this essay is to encourage enactment of a federal statute to protect the labor, skill, and expense of scholars who produce new editions ofpublic-domain works.