Essay about music industry and illegal downloading

Granted, most popular musicians make a significant amount of their income from live performances. Dedicated fans will often follow their favorite performers from show to show on the concert circuit. Others pay exorbitantly inflated prices to ticket agencies in order to secure prime seats when their favorite singer performs. Nonetheless, the audience for popular music generally spends more time with recorded music than with live music. Furthermore, the enormous return on investment made by the recording industry throughout most of the twentieth century led the industry to invest considerable time and creative energy in the process of recording music. These shifts of listening activity and creative investment have encouraged philosophers to examine the kinds of musical objects that are involved.

Essay about music industry and illegal downloading

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our analysis shows that interactive streaming appears to be revenueneutral for the recorded music industry. Access to NBER Papers. NBER Research.

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The regulates the music industry, enforces laws, and promotes and collects certain kinds of music. Under , musical works, including recordings and compositions, are protected as intellectual property as soon as they are fixed in a tangible form. Copyright holders often register their work with the , which maintains a collection of the material. In addition, the Library of Congress has actively sought out culturally and musicologically significant materials since the early 20th century, such as by sending researchers to record folk music. These researchers include the pioneering American folk song collector , whose work helped inspire the of the mid-20th century. The federal government also funds the and , which allocate grants to musicians and other artists, the , which conducts research and educational programs, and the , which funds non-profit and television broadcasters.