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The world of censorship is prevalent on the internet. As the activist complains about Facebook’s ability to censor, delete or ban/suspend accounts, posts or specific images; most fail to realise this form of censorship also occurs on the general internet viewed by all.

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Our society today largely views censorship as a method that has disappeared from liberal cultures since the enlightenment with the exception of restrictions in time of war. The enlightenment served to cripple the intolerance of incisive religious and government leaders, but did not obliterate censorship altogether. Instead, the job of expurgating unacceptable ideas has simply fallen into new hands using new tactics. Censors now assume the guise of capitalist retailers and distributors, special-interest groups, and less influential but still passionate religious and government authorities. Their new techniques are (dominating the marketplace), (the control of language), (restricting knowledge), as well as the traditional (law). These new forces can be as equally effective as the forces of remote history. We notice the effect of post-enlightenment civilization as early as the nineteenth-century in the great Russian humanist Aleksandr Herzin. Herzin left his native country in protest of Czarist censorship only to feel "profound disillusionment with the extremely narrow limits of permission imposed on freedom of expression by market censorship in the West" (Jansen 1991).

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"Whether a person finds a work obscene depends largely on his or her moral or religious beliefs. These views change with each generation and further complicate the censorship dilemma." (Censorship by, Bradley Steffens page 97)

The rationale for censorship is different for various types of information censored:

Music Censorship Today, in the 1990's, citizens in our society are being bombarded with obscene material from every direction

Censorship does not have to be the solution. You always have the right to change the channel or put down a book. You have control over what you hear, see, or read. You are not forced to see or hear the offensive speech.

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Some people believe that censorship is the answer, others do not. I believe that this issue will be left up to the courts to decide. I fear that the media may become a swamp of regulations with no more entertainment value whatsoever, and I hope that this never happens. I think that the first amendment is a great right and that we should never abridge it.
Pareles, Jon.

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Censorship by religion is a form of censorship where is controlled or limited using or on the basis of the teachings of the . This form of censorship has a long history and is practiced in many societies and by many religions. Examples include the , , the (list of prohibited books) and the condemnation of 's novel by leader . Images of the Islamic figure Muhammad are also regularly censored.

part by the ideas of George Bernard Shaw found in his essay, "On Censorship." ..

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The quote above is very true. Religious or moral beliefs have a great influence on how a person feels about censorship, and as generations pass on the common beliefs on it may change. Right now, America is more uncensored than ever. However, things were very different a few generations ago.

Censorship in Music When listening to the radio, most people come across a song that has been changed from its original version, whether certain words are


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