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I teach English for Academic preparation and I am writing to express my gratitude for this invaluable collection of music. My students love to hear it when we are doing writing or reading activities in class and many of them have since asked for the link – they’ve been listening to your music while studying on their own.

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Thank you so much for uploading these playlists. I am one of the individuals who requires some sort of sensory stimulation while studying– it is impossible to focus during moments of silence! I came across this site a little over a year ago having grown weary of my own playlists, the commercial interruptions on the local classical music station, and unwillingness to take the time to search for a new collection of tunes. I was studying for finals and the January MCAT at this time, which meant studying took top priority.

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The music industry refers to the businesses connected with the creation and sale of music. It consists of and who create new and musical pieces, and who record songs and pieces, and that distribute recorded music products and internationally and that often control the rights to those products. Some music labels are "," while others are subsidiaries of larger corporate entities or international . In the 2000s, the increasing popularity of listening to music as digital music files on , iPods, or computers, and of trading music on websites or buying it online in the form of digital files had a major impact on the traditional music business. Many smaller independent went out of business as music buyers decreased their purchases of CDs, and many labels had lower CD sales. Some companies did well with the change to a digital format, though, such as Apple's , an that sells digital files of songs over the Internet.
We are always adding new performances to this list, so please check back soon for updates!

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At , we regularly update our course content to maintain its relevancy to the ever-evolving music industry trends and ideologies. So it’s only natural that in the spring 2015 term, we’re launching a course dedicated entirely to writing and producing music using the iPad. Instructor Andrea Pejrolo is no stranger to this new music technology, or Berklee Online — he’s taught in the past. is the first class that Andrea has authored for Berklee Online. At Berklee’s Boston campus, he acts as the Assistant Chair of the Contemporary Writing and Production department. In the following interview, Andrea offers his thoughts on the rise of mobile music technology and this exciting, forward-thinking course.

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Hanging Out With Audiophiles is an interview show that sees Lidell talking to a range guests involved in the music creation process, and the first episode, available now, features Black Keys drummer Pat Carney. Guests scheduled for future episodes include seasoned UK producer Paul Epworth, Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart and Tom Waits producer Jacquire King.

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One of the earliest mentions of music therapy was in 's (c. 872 – 950) treatise , which described the effects of music on the .[] Music has long been used to help people deal with their emotions. In the 17th century, the scholar 's argued that music and dance were critical in treating , especially . He noted that music has an "excellent power expel many other diseases" and he called it "a sovereign remedy against despair and melancholy." He pointed out that in Antiquity, Canus, a Rhodian fiddler, used music to "make a melancholy man merry, ...a lover more enamoured, a religious man more devout." In the , mental illnesses were treated with music. In November 2006, Dr. Michael J. Crawford and his colleagues also found that music therapy helped patients.