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Research papers can be written in any classroom, even in the arts. Papers about musical topics are more enjoyable for students to write than the papers about scientific or literary topics. The reason that music papers are more fun for students to write is because there are so many interesting topics. Music research papers can be written about vocal music or instrumental music or theory topics. Here are some ideas:

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Another of these men arrested at the rest stop was 54 year old BYU professor of music, father of five, and World War II Army veteran (of the Pacific Theater), Carlyle D. Marsden of Kaysville, Utah. Humiliated and distraught over his arrest, Marsden left his home in the morning, drove down the street just a short distance from his home, and shot himself in the heart with a pistol on Monday, March 8, 1976, two days after his arrest. Marsden had served a mission to the New England States and then attended the College of Southern Utah for two years but received his bacherlor's degree from BYU, a master's degree from the University of Utah, and had done more graduate work at Claremont College, Occidental, and California State LA (now UCLA). In 1944 he married Adelaide Lund in the Salt Lake Temple. He was the member of the bishopric and Stake High Council in Pomona, California and was a Sunday School superintendent in Salt Lake. As a gifted musician, he later served as a Music Regional Representive for the church, stake and ward organist and choir director. By career, he was a music teacher at both Brigham Young University and Eisenhower Junior High School in the Granite School District in Salt Lake. His death was a tragic loss for his family and the many social, religious, educational, and musical communities in which he circulated. Oddly, only the Ogden Standard Examiner carried notice of his suicide. The Daily Universe at BYU and the Provo Daily Herald did not even mention that he had died, let alone killed himself. ]

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Victor L. Brown Jr. reported to Academic Vice President Robert K. Thomas in a that he and Bergin had made a two-hour presentation to the Presiding Bishopric earler that month on the anti-homosexual activities of the Values Institute. This presentation was made in order to secure church funding for the Institute through the Presiding Bishopric Office, which handles all the tithing funds that church members contribute for "humanitarian projects". In their presentation, they recommended "specific steps the Church might take in combating homosexuality and other sexual misconduct" and affirmed that their "basic theme is that truth lies with the scriptures and the prophets, not with secular data or debate". Brown summarized that their presentation to the Presiding Bishopric had been given in two parts. "Part One is a review of the means by which the 'opposition' attempts to indoctrinate our people", specifically: "the fallacious claims in the "; "LDS people unwittingly legitimizing worldliness" (with an example of the Daily Universe advertising the rock group Seals and Croft on the same day it reported Spencer Kimball's campus address on standards); and oddly the "'macho' behavior of priesthood leaders as reported by their long-suffering wives". The second part of their presentation consisted of "examples of truth being on our side", including: (1) "consistent and clear statements of inspired men"; (2) data from the work supported by the Values Institute; (3) "explication of the developmental pattern of sexual deviance"; (4) the creation of a "clinically oriented document" of both religious and secular data for parents and other church members; (5) creation of "an LDS book on human behaviors"; and (6) the creation of a "politcal action kit for use of member-citizens in local legislative efforts" to oppose Gay rights. This two-hour presentation was then made before the First Presidency on November 17, 1978, and after that, it was made before all the General Authorities and last of all, to BYU president Dallin Oaks.

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If you are really interested in this topic the you might consider researching it for a career. You could consider a masters either in psychology or psychology of music to learn more about how to conduct research and aim to work in schools one day studying the impact of music on learning. It is a popular topic which you could study in many research groups all over then world. Other than that you could of course train as a music teacher and develop new teaching techniques or consider setting up your own business offering musical inspired tuition to kids. It is really up to you to what degree you wish to understand this topic or use it in your everyday job. Either way, I wish you luck.
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33. For information on John C. Bennett, I am indebted to the Sam Taylor Papers, ms. 50, (Special Collections, University of Utah Marriott Library. On all his villainy, see his brilliant biography by Andrew F. Smith, The Saintly Scoundrel: The Life and Times of Dr. John Cook Bennett, University of Illinois Press, 1997.

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Papers and theses evaluation of cajurana. last time: You just keep repeating the same losing theses, grade-school level fallacies, laughable misunderstandings, and outright lies, even though everyone outside your fringe-of-a-fringe learned long ebook not to believe dissertations you say.