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music theorists have become interested in the analysis of .. 14Robert Walser, review of Understanding Rock: Essays in Musical Analysis (Oxford University. Music - SEAB candidates the opportunity to deepen their musical understanding on a topic of their choice . Boone, Graeme (1997), eds Understanding Rock: Essays in Musical Analysis. Stein, Deborah (2004), Engaging Music: Essays in Music Analysis. THE ELEMENTS OF MUSIC offer you specific terms and concepts that will help you better understand and describe any Here is a comparative chart of tempos from several different rock and roll styles: .. BASIC MUSICAL ANALYSIS USING MUSICAL ELEMENTS. Progressive music - Wikipedia Progressive music is a type of music that falls between formalism and eclecticism, .. "Progressive Rock, 'Close to the Edge,' and the Boundaries of Style" (PDF). In John Covach Understanding Rock: Essays in Musical Analysis. New York:Â A-level Music Exemplar essays MUSC1 - AQA Teacher Resource Bank / GCE Music / MUSC1 Exemplar Essays / Version 1.0 This degree of understanding, and the ability to convey it in a clear, informative was very heavilly guitar based rock, this song shows development into a more.

Review: New Essays On Musical Understanding

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When record men first traveled from Chicago or invited musicians to studios in New York, these entrepreneurs had no conception how their technology would change the dynamics of what constituted a musical performance. 78 Blues: Folksongs and Phonographs in the American South covers a revolution in artist performance and audience perception through close examination of hundreds of key "hillbilly" and "race" records released between the 1920s and World War II. In the postwar period, regional strains recorded on pioneering 78 r.p.m. discs exploded into urban blues and R&B, honky-tonk and western swing, gospel, soul, and rock 'n' roll. These old-time records preserve the work of some of America's greatest musical geniuses such as Jimmie Rodgers, Robert Johnson, Charlie Poole, and Blind Lemon Jefferson. They are also crucial mile markers in the course of American popular music and the growth of the modern recording industry. When these records first circulated, the very notion of recorded music was still a novelty. All music had been created live and tied to particular, intimate occasions. How were listeners to understand an impersonal technology like the phonograph record as a musical event? How could they reconcile firsthand interactions and traditional customs with technological innovations and mass media? The records themselves, several hundred of which are explored fully in this book, offer answers in scores of spoken commentaries and skits, in song lyrics and monologues, or other more subtle means. John Minton is professor of folklore at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne. He is also a musician, songwriter, and the author of "The Coon in the Box": A Global Folktale in African-American Tradition (with David Evans) and "Big 'Fraid and Little 'Fraid": An Afro-American Folktale.

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A revised paperback edition of composer George Rochberg's landmark essays "Rochberg presents the rare spectacle of a composer who has made his peace with tradition while maintaining a strikingly individual profile. . . . [H]e succeeds in transforming the sublime concepts of traditional music into contemporary language." ---Washington Post "An indispensable book for anyone who wishes to understand the sad and curious fate of music in the twentieth century." ---Atlantic Monthly "The writings of George Rochberg stand as a pinnacle from which our past and future can be viewed." ---Kansas City Star As a composer, George Rochberg has played a leading role in bringing about a transformation of contemporary music through a reassessment of its relation to tonality, melody, and harmony. In The Aesthetics of Survival, the author addresses the legacy of modernism in music and its related effect on the cultural milieu, particularly its overemphasis on the abstract, rationalist thinking embraced by contemporary science, technology, and philosophy. Rochberg argues for the renewal of holistic values in order to ensure the survival of music as a humanly expressive art. A renowned composer, thinker, and teacher, George Rochberg has been honored with innumerable awards, including, most recently, an Alfred I. du Pont Award for Outstanding Conductors and Composers, and an André and Clara Mertens Contemporary Composer Award. He lives in Pennsylvania.

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New Essays on Musical Understanding.

Why, then, were these essays written? The editors tell us that they analyze rock because "we like it," a vaguely defiant gesture that some of the other contributors echo. It is easy to understand this impulse, given the marginalization of popular-music studies within the academy until quite recently. There must be more to it than that, though, or popular-music analysts would be merely heavily armed fans defending their individual tastes, brandishing roman numerals and Schenker graphs in place of lighters and devil signs. In fact, many of the contributors to this volume share an intellectual trajectory: as they have turned their attention from serialism to rock, they have worked the new terrain with their old tools --something that anthropologists and comparative musicologists learned not to do nearly a century ago. Judging from the essays themselves, these authors hope to confirm the transhistorical and transcultural utility of certain methods of analysis by colonizing new repertories with them, and they seek to prove the worthiness of rock music by locating within at least some of it a number of already prestigious traits, such as organic unity, formal complexity, and resemblance to European classical music. The main purpose of this volume thus appears to be the reciprocal legitimation of [End Page 355] rock music and modernist analytical techniques.

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Description : "Albin Zak's The Poetics of Rock is a brilliant and original study of how studio recordings of rock music have introduced an entirely new dimension of music composition. Bristling with acute insights and interpretations, this book should provide engaging reading for any serious student, scholar, or aficionado of rock, of composition, or of modern music culture in general."—Peter Manuel, author of Cassette Culture: Popular Music and Technology in North India "In The Poetics of Rock, Albin Zak offers an expert guide to how records are made, not only outlining in detail technical practices and procedures in a comprehensible way, but also thoughtfully engaging the myriad of aesthetic and musical issues that recording raises. This masterful study opens up important new areas of concern for rock and is a must-read for all scholars concerned with popular music and criticism."—John Covach, editor of Understanding Rock: Essays in Musical Analysis