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Now back to the "sloppiness". You know guys like Gary Moore and JoeSatriani and Steve Via can play!! They are known for their impeccabletechnique and musical knowledge. Yet these guys are always praising "sloppy"guitarists like Page and Buddy Guy and Albert King (very ver sloppy!) andalbert collins. All of them "sloppy' blues players. If you read lots and lotsof guitar articles like I do (I'm a guitar teacher at a local music store)then you get to understand how these girted musicians think. See, thoselittle mistakes you sometimes hear are the results of daring and passionateimprovisation. Its those little mistakes that give those inimitableguitarists their distint sound that we all love.

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I had been listening all afternoon to music by various living composers and feeling the life-force drain from my soul. The composers were all perfectly good and rather well-known, but they seemed to be writing along a line of collective correctness, an international competition for miserable gits.

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Leipzig is where Bach lived and its Gewandhaus orchestra and St Thomas choir perform his music with a rich, deep sonority, immutable tradition and few of the ‘historically informed’ correctnesses of recent times. It’s a collegial experience, unadorned by solo vocalists, other than Thomas Quasthoff. Riccardo Chailly conducts almost as first among equals.

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The Function of Music in Reservation Blues

No-one who squeezed into three sold-out Mahler Eighths in the Royal Festival Hall at the end of January 1991 will ever forget the experience. During rehearsals for the Symphony of a Thousand, I sensed a rare symbiosis between the conductor and his army of musicians, spilling down the flanks of the heaving stage. In performance, I saw tears trickling down men’s cheeks. Tennstedt was a maestro like no other and these nights were his apotheosis. Nicknamed the Demented Stork, for his jerky arms and febrile stare, Tennstedt conducted Mahler as if the universe hung on a filament of symphonic texture, emoting with the music and forcing musicians to play as if equally possessed. The opening cry of Veni Creator Spiritus was not so much prayer as triumphant affirmation: we were in the presence of divine inspiration and the boys of Eton College Choir who trilled the treble lines were practically seared out of their skins. See it all here on a careful DVD edit of the BBC’s videos (coupled with a slightly less fearsome Tennstedt Mahler First from Chicago). You will never see its like again.

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There are a number of themes worth exploring in this text and if you’re thinking about an essay topic, you shouldn’t have much trouble. Think about differing views of cultural assimilation, of the way gender roles are represented in the novel by Native American author or of the role of religion or music, for example. For a more literary analysis, you could write about the nature of magical realism as it is expressed in this text. What purpose do you think it serves? How is humor used in the text and why is used when discussing some of the most depressing aspects of reservation life? The possible topics are endless.

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"Knowledge of the ", wrote Isabelle Mills in 1974, "is essential in understanding the mosaic of Canadian folk song. Part of this mosaic is supplied by the folk songs of Canada brought by European and Anglo-Saxon settlers to the new land." She describes how the French colony at Québec brought French immigrants, followed before long by waves of immigrants from Great Britain, Germany, and other European countries, all bringing music from their homelands, some of which survives into the present day. Ethnographer and folklorist estimated that well over ten thousand French folk songs and their variants had been collected in Canada. Many of the older ones had by then died out in France.