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Though they have modern critical champions such as , Scott's novels are today more likely to be experienced in the form of the many operas that composers continued to base on them over the following decades, such as 's and 's (both 1835). Byron is now most highly regarded for his short lyrics and his generally unromantic prose writings, especially his letters, and his unfinished . Unlike many Romantics, Byron's widely publicised personal life appeared to match his work, and his death at 36 in 1824 from disease when helping the appeared from a distance to be a suitably Romantic end, entrenching his legend. Keats in 1821 and Shelley in 1822 both died in Italy, Blake (at almost 70) in 1827, and Coleridge largely ceased to write in the 1820s. Wordsworth was by 1820 respectable and highly regarded, holding a government , but wrote relatively little. In the discussion of English literature, the Romantic period is often regarded as finishing around the 1820s, or sometimes even earlier, although many authors of the succeeding decades were no less committed to Romantic values.

Titanic Figures of the Romantic Era

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Music in the Classical era (c. 1750–1830) was based on preconceived notions of order, proportion and grace. Beauty and symmetry of form were objects of worship in themselves and combined to create a Utopian image, an idealisation of universal experience. In the Romantic Era (c.1830–1914) this was largely replaced by a cult of individual expression, the crystalisation of the experience of the moment, the unfettered confession of powerful emotions and primal urges, the glorification of sensuality, a flirtation with the supernatural, an emphasis on spontaneity and improvisation, and above all, perhaps, the cultivation of extremes – emotional, sensual, spiritual and structural. Where a near-reverence for symmetry had characterised the Classical era, Romanticism delighted in asymmetry. And if there was a rebellion against the tenets of the recent past, there was an almost ritualised nostalgia for the distant past and in many cases an obsession with literature and descriptive imagery.

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Formless music hardly exists. But for many centuries form and emotion were equal partners. Preconceived structures became established vehicles for emotional expression, and many musical devices emerged carrying specific emotional associations. These provided composers with something approaching a standardised emotional vocabulary. Of the standard structures (or rather formal concepts) of Western classical music, none has proved more intrinsically expressive, or more dramatically powerful, than the so-called ‘sonata form’ that in many ways dominated music from the mid-18th century right into the 20th. This, however, relied heavily on repetition and a certain overall predictability which offended many Romantic sensibilities.

During Romantic period, Opera was one of the most important genres.
Romantic Music ( ) The word romanticism was first used to describe new ideas in painting and literature, towards the end of the 18th century.

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In the backdrop of those new Romantic writers, penning their way into literary history, we are on the cusp the and writers were affected by the French Revolution. William Hazlit, who published a book called "The Spirit of the Age," says that the Wordsworth school of poetry "had its origin in the ... It was a time of promise, a renewal of the world — and of letters."

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After the Classical era came the Early Romantic era (1830-1860)

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German composer Ludwig van Beethoven, seen as bridging the transition between Classical and Romantic music, completes his Ninth Symphony in February 1824. This symphony is seen as Beethoven's masterpiece, and it features intellectual depth and intense, highly personal expression.