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I don't want my children to be exposed to such filth, such as foul language, racist remarks, and sexual references. By having these censored, we are protecting the innocence of a child. Also, as an adult, I don't want that trash being heard by my ears. I think that if someone wants to hear that, they should buy the music and listen to it on their own. I shouldn't have to worry about what my child or myself may hear by flipping through radio stations. It is ridiculous. But like the Bible says, the devil is out to devour its prey like a lion...No wonder so many people are against censorship. As the end nears, the world will only become more and more corrupt. God help us all!

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2. Three reason why you think music censorship wouldn't change the way teens act.

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Record companies, whose assistance is vital to a writer of popular music, enforce artistic and market-censorship out of fear for their economic welfare. Special-interest groups generate this fear through intimidation.

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Although there are a lot of things in music/media that many people would argue are inappropriate for children, censorship really isn't helping anyone. It's actually shielding children from reality thus making them weak. If we are not exposed to the so called derogatory and provocative lyrics and music videos then we will not be prepared for what happens in the real world. You cannot protect your children from everything so you might as well prepare them for it. Censorship in music is not protecting your children, but instead it's hurting them in the long run. If you want to protect them, prepare them, don't shield them. Also, censorship in music is really hurting the artists. They choose music to express themselves and censorship doesn't allow them to do that. You choose to express yourself in whatever way you like, so let them do the same (obviously for the people who believe it should exist). If you do believe that it should then just yourself this question, wouldn't it make more sense that being exposed to uncensored music would actually make us better prepared for reality? And isn't it better to allow people to express themselves in their own ways? Ask yourself that and think about it, hopefully you change your mind and realize that censorship is not beneficial for anyone.
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I feel that censorship of music lyrics on the radio, T.V., and many other places is just wrong.

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Governments, private organizations and individuals may engage in censorship. When an individual such as an author or other creator engages in censorship of their own works or speech, it is referred to as . Censorship could be direct or indirect, in which case it is referred to as . It occurs in a variety of different media, including speech, books, music, films, and other arts, the press, radio, television, and the Internet for a variety of claimed reasons including , to control , , and , to protect children or other vulnerable groups, to promote or restrict political or religious views, and to prevent and .

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In my opinion, music censorship is good and it should stay the same way it is now. Children should not hear explicit lyrics in music playing in public places; it is not good for their development. Although, we should be able to buy the explicit songs that we want and continue to see the warning labels on the albums. I feel the current laws in place are equitable for both parties. How would the public be reacting if there was no more censorship?

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According to Theopolius Benefieldfifteena sophomore at Ramsey High School in Alabama I dont think its possible to censor rap Benefield says. For examplein 1990Andy Rooneya CBS news correspondentwas suspended for his racist remarkBlacks have libretto of La Traviata Verdes opera has lost at least some of its impact or meaning. Due to the argumentative nature of the human racethis issue will in all probability remain with us for centuries to come. Maybe they are saying how they are tired of the worlds garbage. Todaymany artists are faced with censorship and is one of the controversial things that they have to deal with. The rock and roll community could only expect some sort of limited censorship. Censorship in music has been a major problem plaguing America since the early nineteen forties. If you think cencorship is a good thing you are an idiot. Adults are the ones who should be aware of these dangers and limit their children. Of courseif presented with this contingencyany one of us would declare how horrible this reality would be. Congress shall make no law representing an establishment of religionor prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging the freedom of speechor the press or of the right of the people peaceably to assembleand petition the Government for a redress of grievances Graham . Censoring art is not okayas it violates our right to the freedom of speechand limits creativity. Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas delivered a speech to the City Club of Cleveland. Musics verbal expression bonds our society through our emotions and experiences. The reason why it is criticized so much is because it has explicit content usually having references to sexdrugsand violence. These musicians say Thank God for my career. Music is art and there is no question about that. Theyre just words Yespeople should have the decency to censor what is heard by childrenhoweverit should never be forced to. Most of the artists known for profanity in music have been through so much that profanity is the w.