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“It would be difficult to imagine a better production of “Sweeney Todd” than the one that the Opera Theatre of St. Louis. An exceptional cast, evocative scenery, top-notch musicians and conductor, expert lighting and costumes – you name it – it was all present and razor sharp at the Loretto-Hilton Center.

Very few, though, have a history like Sweeney Todd

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It presumes that the audience knows the stage version and claims that the character of “Sweeney Todd” existed in real life. Stanley Holloway was the person who recorded it and credited to R. P. Weston, a songwriter active from 1906 to 1934. In 1959, the Royal Ballet Company produced a ballet version with music by Malcolm Arnold and choreography by John Cranko. It was a one act ballet based on the legend of Sweeney Todd. It was first performed by the Royal Ballet Company on Thursday, December 10th, 1959, at the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon, with the Royal Opera House Orchestra conducted by John Lanchbery.

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The story was set in London in 1785. The plot is based around the strange disappearance of a sailor named Lieutenant Thornhill, who was last seen entering Sweeney Todd’s barber shop on Fleet Street. Thornhill was bearing a gift of a string of pearls to a girl named Johanna on behalf of her missing lover Mark Ingestrie, who is presumed lost at sea. One of Thornhill’s naval friends is alerted the disappearance of Thornhill by his dog, and begins to look for him. He is joined by Johanna, who wants to know what happened to her lover, Mark Ingestrie.

Todd Sweeney The Demon Barber of Fleet Street June 28, 2011 In the feature film Sweeney Todd, a Tim Burton film, we are introduced to several major

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A number of talented people, in addition to Burton, have collaborated on this film. Stephen Sondheim first came to prominence in 1957 with his lyrics for West Side Story; two years later, he wrote the words for Gypsy. On A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, which opened in 1962, Sondheim produced both words and music. With Company (1970), A Little Night Music (1973) and Pacific Overtures (1976), and later Sweeney Todd, the composer-lyricist consolidated his reputation as the leading figure in the American musical theater.

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What are the musical’s chief concerns? Sondheim asserts that Sweeney Todd is “a story about revenge and how revenge eats itself up.... In that sense it’s a tragedy in the classic tradition about someone who goes out for revenge and ends up destroying himself.”
“Sweeney Todd – The Demon Barber of Fleet Street” is a well known play and musical capturing the audience’s attention as to what can happen behind closed doors.

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Miller, Scott. From Assassins to West Side Story. Heinemann Publishing: Portsmouth, NH, 1996. Same as above – great ideas! This volume covers Cabaret,Carousel, Company, Godspell, Gypsy, How to Succeed, Into the Woods, JC Superstar, Man ofLa Mancha, Merrily, Les Miz, My Fair Lady, Pippin, Sweeney Todd and West Side Story.