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In particular, it is worth considering El Gamal's finding that although people are increasingly less likely to actually purchase music, they are in fact more likely than ever to go out to live shows and concerts in order to experience the musicians they admire. This opens up the possibility for the emergence of new business models within the music industry that are focused more on the event of the show itself.

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Streaming is the new normal for how Americans listen to music. If the codependent nature of Spotify and Universal’s agreement isn’t enough, this chart from Statista should make it clearer: According to the RIAA, streaming brought in more than half of the US music industry’s revenue in 2016.

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The future school is likely to increase creativity in the students. With the fact that a lot of information will be readily available to students without necessarily waiting for the tutor, they will be in better position to develop ideas and seek quick assistance from the global community. The development in technology will also be a major determinant of increased creativity since students will be required to adjust quickly to the changes. These changes have already been witnessed in other areas such as the music industry where there has been a significant change in the quality of sounds and introduction of computer-aided graphics.

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Digital Music Format Mp3 as a New Communications Technology and the Future of the Music Industry.

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In viewing various industries, "" by newcomers and competitive advantages between current players are very important. Among other things, hospitality industry players find advantage in old classics (location), initial and ongoing investment support (reflected in the material upkeep of facilities and the luxuries located therein), and particular themes adopted by the marketing arm of the organization in question (such as a restaurant called the 51st fighter group that has a WW2 theme in music and other environmental aspects). Very important is also the characteristics of the personnel working in direct contact with the customers. The authenticity, professionalism, and actual concern for the happiness and well-being of the customers that is communicated by successful organizations is a clear competitive advantage.

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Recording labels have been forced to completely remodel they’re respective business models in order to adapt to the advent of the digital music era. The sector has benefited from globalization in more than one way. For instance, these days, it is so easy to find share and listen to music, anyone with a computer can have access to listen and buy music. Also because of the rise of the Internet, artists aren’t confined to national boundaries. Music these days transcends borders (Bloomberg). In the case of Justin Bieber, a Canadian whose music is recognized and accepted widely by the youth of the world, has fans spreading continents all because listening to his music just requires looking up a song name on Youtube. The rise of digital technology and the Internet allows for the industry to bring together the world by finding communalities in musical taste with mass positive reception for an artist and the music he or she creates. No matter if a person is from Egypt or Thailand, that person can access and enjoy the music of any artist he or she desires. Although the music industry has benefitted from globalization, most of its pitfalls have arisen from the same source that is globalization. The rise of digital technology and the Internet has bankrupt many of the music industries biggest names. A prime example of this is court ordered liquidation of Richard Branson’s 26 Virgin Megastores closings in France due to the rise of online music retailing such as Apple’s Itunes music store, which led to Virgin France’s bankruptcy in 2013 (BBC). Another fatal blow to the music industries crippled foundation was the rise of online piracy. As easy as it is to go online and buy or stream music, it is just as easy to steal it. There are thousands of websites dedicated to music piracy. Although music piracy has been on the decline in the past couple years, still about 11 percent of people using the Internet admit to downloading music illegally (Bloomberg).

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In the 15 or so years of the Internet economy, the digital music industry has come a long way, but there are still major hurdles to cross. Platforms like iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play are major improvements over the early illegal file sharing days, but the multitude of service offerings and revenue models make it difficult to understand the true value of each and what they can deliver for musicians and music companies. These difficulties are further compounded by the fact that, according to a new study from the and its Rethink Music initiative, there are major transparency problems throughout the music industry caused by outdated technology. With the emerging of new business models as streaming platforms, and online music services, a large amount of data is processed. Access to may increase transparency in the industry.