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I love the fact that it's a collection of 2-pages-essay. I literally could read it anywhere! The stories are short and of great value. I could relate and empathize, unlike some other books I read like Chicken Soup, this book captures a belief in one essay and speaks of personal experience. It makes each essay more vivid. I liked most of the essays, their authors' got their points' across.

"I Believe in Music and Affection". Anti Essays. 11 Oct. 2017

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This time, I crafted my according to that hosts hundreds of This I Believe essays from around the world. My rubric still has some typical writing conventions, but overall I think it focuses more on student voice than structure. I made it clear that students had a lot of choice regarding both content and format. The biggest restriction came directly from the This I Believe site: a 500-600 word limit. I know a lot of writing teachers are divided when it comes to word count, but I figured it was still better than giving a specific number of required paragraphs and sentences.

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The first time I assigned a “This I Believe” essay was in the fall of 2014, during the second week of school. I planned it as a year-long endeavor, something we could work on as a distraction from other essays required to prepare for state testing. This past year, I did not assign it until late April; it would be our last major writing task. I wanted to give everyone plenty of time to write but held them to a firm deadline of having four weeks to work.

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This second collection of This I Believe essays gathers seventy-five essayists— ranging from famous to previously unknown— completing the thought that begins the book’s title.

ii) How you made the choices for the content of your "This I Believe" essay and how those choices reflect the one's that the author made for the character in the text

Jasmine Ferguson 3 6 15 Mrs. Bittle English 111-351 Personal Essay I believe in Music and Affection All that I know is right now, nothing s for sure but

iii) What choices you made to capture your character's perspective in your "This I Believe" essay and how those choices reflect the way the author portrayed the character in the text.

We all believe in God. Some of us know that we do. Some of us refuse to admit it. Others who profess to believe are vague as to what they believe in. These essays probe to the core of some of the essential issues of Jewish faith and provide explanations based on the mystic understanding of Chabad Chassidic teachings.

1. In your Statement of Intent, you need to provide an explanation and rationale (explain your reasoning) for the choices you made in writing "This I Believe" essay for the character you chose.
Reading these essays made me think about what I believe and why. Great, great collection.

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26 Apr 2016 And thousands of those students have submitted their essays to our Click the links below to read a sampling of what young people believe.

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For top marks, I should be able to read your essay and believe that the character you chose wrote it.

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I am planning to have teacher-student conferences on Monday morning to go through each student's "This I Believe" outline to address any lingering concerns you have and to ensure you are on track. Throughout your outline, you are answering as the character not yourself. The outline will be given a completion mark.