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Their routes to ReSTART all, with allowance for biographical and geographical variations, more or less resemble Callum's. Luke hit his nadir in Maryland, spending all day immersed in World of Warcraft, lying to his boss about working from home. Paul dropped out of school and cut himself off from his friends and family in order to play Vindictus 18 to 20 hours a day. Thom lived with his parents, working as a cashier at a car dealership, spending his every off-hour drinking scotch and playing League of Legends. Each of their biographies could probably be rendered best by a graph in which time spent playing video games ascends exponentially while time spent in reality plunges to near zero.

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gaming console, the Odyssey. Up until this point, no video games had any sound effects

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I've come to realize my criteria during my education and my personal experience since age 6 with video games, experience from working with music grant panel judges at ' New York State Music Fund, extensive criticism from colleagues and faculty at (4 Years), (3 Years), internet gaming forums, and the profound impact it has had on my own musical appreciation and development. I myself was never formally trained in music up until age 19, and I had no knowledge of instruments of any sort at all, yet game music has been most helpful in shaping my ear and understanding of the knowledge needed to prepare myself for entry into the music field, however, informed input from professional music theorists could shed even more light on the subject of game music as it is very difficult to learn on your own especially when one does not have the natural gifts of composers like Yoko Kanno or Koichi Sugiyama. Hopefully my criteria, and the examples chosen based on them will help to give aspiring game audio musicians a good idea of what's out there and what is to be expected of them and allow professional/aspiring music theorists to recognize the game music category as a source of talent worthy of further analysis. I believe that game music provides excellent examples of genre fusion, harmonic pull, motor rhythms, and surprising key changes all in short time periods (2-3 minutes on average) within mostly sectional structures. Ideally, musicians should aim to surpass and reshape those standards to make the game play experience something extraordinary to others as it has been for me.

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The above musings should best serve to see how I developed an *emotional* attachment to music, and how I approach it and seek pleasure from it. It is no surprise that my favorite composers also happen to have been avid gamers in their youths who are also highly technologically savvy, coupled with great musical ability. Dr. Robert Rowe once mentioned in Psychology of Music class that people are known to get emotionally attached to technology if they have had interaction with it during their youth, so it is no surprise that my world of aesthetic preference is so highly centered around that which technology has produced. has published a book called the which serves to address the various ethical and psychological concerns of Video Gaming, and it supports the ideas of games as a new method of information exchange thus tying it in with sciences like technology and philosophy, coupled with business according to faculty Professor Douglass Peikoff (pg 415, ). Ultimately, judging music based on my own response to GSR is something I've chosen to adopt for now as I believe there is legitimate merit to it.

14 Apr 2012 Violence and video games. ENG 102 Royere Jonathan The future of entertainment revolves around technology. Video games become more
Extracts from this document Introduction. Video Games Beneficial or Hazardous Video games have been a growing phenomenon since the mid 1980's.

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A Video Game Composer writes evocative musical scores to video games, including individual themes for each main character. To do this, he or she will watch the game to see what’s happening onscreen, and create music that brings up the appropriate emotions to match what’s happening in the game.

Extracts from this document Introduction. Video Games Beneficial or Hazardous Video games have been a growing phenomenon since the mid 1980's.

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In terms of affecting social behaviour, Dr. Olson emphasizes that playing video games is a societal activity, as teens are likely to play video games with a group of friends or over the internet. Moreover, several studies highlight the potential use of educational video games as a tool to enhance learning and action video games to improve visual/spatial skills. Video games have also been used to teach self-care skills for asthma and diabetes and as a tool to complement psychotherapy.

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To that point, Cash had had a standard therapeutic practice built to help clients cope with depression, anxiety, and life crises of all types, but with that patient, her life turned. She started giving lectures about digital addiction. She wrote a book. She became increasingly convinced that her Dungeons & Dragons–playing Microsoft employee had been Patient Zero in an epidemic whose significance went far beyond video games and which the psychiatric establishment was failing to grasp. She decided that she wanted to open a rehab center for Internet addicts, and when Cosette Rae approached Cash six years ago to offer the ReSTART house, she did. Ring the bell on a typical weekday and Cash will greet you at the door—friendly, welcoming, and deeply, deeply concerned.