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This video was produced by the Museum of Making Music in conjunction with the recent “What Music Means to Me” exhibit. Although the exhibit has ended (August 30), this video is one of many testimonials that have been inspired and collected by the What Music Means to Me Project. Enjoy!

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Among the many inspiring stories that are a part of What Music Means to Me, is perhaps one of the most uplifting. With startling courage, Riley writes about her struggle with anorexia nervosa, how it chose her at the early age of seven, how she “kept so many secrets and told so many lies.” Those who are afflicted with an eating disorder know that the process of healing is long and filled with a labyrinth of stumbles and setbacks. Even when a person grasps intellectually that they are really not how they see themselves, the disfigured feelings that contradict all logic can seem insurmountable.

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The What Music Means to Me Project celebrates the value of music in education and in the quality of life

What is music and what does it mean to you is a personal, subjective question. That means your answer can't really be wrong; it will simply either be...

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The purpose of the What Music Means to Me Project is to raise public awareness of the benefits of music making using photographic images and personal statements. In an emotionally palpable way, this project illustrates the intangible benefits of music through first-hand accounts and compelling stories: saving a student from street gangs; helping a student cope with anorexia; giving a student the courage to pursue their dream even when it meant being homeless. You will meet individuals who talk about how music made all the difference; people who range in ages from 16 to retirement and for whom music has irrevocably changed their lives.
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What music means to you is a little more complex, but it's still a discussion of your own thoughts and feelings. A few questions you might want to explore include: When do you find yourself listening to music? Is it when you're experiencing any particular emotions or feelings? Do you turn to music for comfort or distraction or encouragement? Is it something you play or listen to out of habit or necessity? Where do you listen to music most? Perhaps you only listen to it when you're in places where it's being played, such as church or elevators or department stores--if so, why not more? Do you connect most with the lyrics or the music? Is there any aspect of music which is personal and experiential to you (i.e., do you sing or play or write your own music)?

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I have recently done research on the question: What does MUSIC mean to you? Before my research, music was just a way to express the feelings I have no guts or courage to say about out loud.

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Through these images and personal statements, the What Music Means to Me Project gives music students a voice to tell their story of how the power of music has affected their lives and will shape their future.